Verizon Harasses You For 3 Months To Switch To FiOS, Then Never Shows Up To Install It

Earl says that Verizon harassed him for 3 months trying to get his business to switch their phone service to FiOS. When he finally agreed, Verizon never showed up to install it. And then they cut his phone service off completely.

Earl writes:

Verizon has been badgering our business for at least 3 months in an attempt to get us to upgrade our DSL and phone service to FIOS. They finally offered a good enough package for us to consider it, and we were scheduled to have FIOS installed on October 4th.

No technician came on the 4th, and phone calls resulted in it being rescheduled to October 11th. Again, a no show.

Then, today, our phone service was cut. Cell phone calls to the company with hold times of 45 minutes and 30 minutes only served to demonstrate their lack of customer service. First, they indicated that their records show the installation at 90% complete. Then they said that FIOS was to be installed on October 4th, so we should have phone service.

Then, they indicated that we were supposed to be installed on October 11th, and no one was at the business to let them install. (We had personnel at the building from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm.)

Another representative says their records indicate that since FIOS was installed, that we have phone service and that the copper wired service was terminated because the FIOS installation was complete.

They offered finally to have an installer complete the job by 7:00 pm tonight … if possible. What do you want to bet that it won’t happen?

If you guessed that it didn’t happen, you’d be correct. Earl sent us this update:

And it didn’t happen. We had no phone service over the weekend. I was able to get it reconnected today after another hour and a half over the phone. We had to cancel the FIOS order and then have the “copper side” reconnected by “programming”.


We wonder if the FiOS telemarketing calls are going to stop. Maybe Verizon should spend a little less money on marketing and more on actually, you know, providing service.


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