Verizon Harasses You For 3 Months To Switch To FiOS, Then Never Shows Up To Install It

Earl says that Verizon harassed him for 3 months trying to get his business to switch their phone service to FiOS. When he finally agreed, Verizon never showed up to install it. And then they cut his phone service off completely.

Earl writes:

Verizon has been badgering our business for at least 3 months in an attempt to get us to upgrade our DSL and phone service to FIOS. They finally offered a good enough package for us to consider it, and we were scheduled to have FIOS installed on October 4th.

No technician came on the 4th, and phone calls resulted in it being rescheduled to October 11th. Again, a no show.

Then, today, our phone service was cut. Cell phone calls to the company with hold times of 45 minutes and 30 minutes only served to demonstrate their lack of customer service. First, they indicated that their records show the installation at 90% complete. Then they said that FIOS was to be installed on October 4th, so we should have phone service.

Then, they indicated that we were supposed to be installed on October 11th, and no one was at the business to let them install. (We had personnel at the building from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm.)

Another representative says their records indicate that since FIOS was installed, that we have phone service and that the copper wired service was terminated because the FIOS installation was complete.

They offered finally to have an installer complete the job by 7:00 pm tonight … if possible. What do you want to bet that it won’t happen?

If you guessed that it didn’t happen, you’d be correct. Earl sent us this update:

And it didn’t happen. We had no phone service over the weekend. I was able to get it reconnected today after another hour and a half over the phone. We had to cancel the FIOS order and then have the “copper side” reconnected by “programming”.


We wonder if the FiOS telemarketing calls are going to stop. Maybe Verizon should spend a little less money on marketing and more on actually, you know, providing service.



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  1. darkclawsofchaos says:

    maybe they really want to phase out telephone service for fios, its cheaper to only maintain one in the area rather than two and obviously they want to keep the gold mine(fios).

  2. Rob says:

    Swtich = Switch

  3. Buran says:

    I’d say out them to your local consumer-issues reporters. Bet they’d love to hear how someone was left unable to call for help in an emergency had one arisen. (cell phones don’t yet have as much reliability as a landline when a caller can’t state their location).

  4. tschepsit says:

    For what it’s worth, my Verizon Fios install last week was on-time, didn’t involve any fire or smoke, and took hours LESS than we were told to inspect. So the probability of a good Verizon experience is apparently small, but still greater than 0.

  5. azntg says:

    That doesn’t sound too far fetched at all. Before Verizon got into the fios fetish, they tried offering everyone in the NY metro area with 3.0/768 ADSL service (that was back when 3.0 was not part of the standard DSL package). Not only did they not upgrade me to 3.0, they cut off my DSL for a little over a month. That, and the couple of run-in incidents with tech support led me to believe that Verizon’s new slogan should be: “We always stop working for you!”

  6. kingofmars says:

    I’m just curious what city and state is Earl’s business?

  7. UnStatusTheQuo says:

    I *wish* FIOS was hounding me to sign up… because that would mean it was finally in Chicago… sad.

  8. FLConsumer says:

    I’ve never had a telemarketing call from Verizon over FIOS, but I have been bombarded with glossy postcards from them for the past 3 years… here’s the kicker: FIOS isn’t available in my area.

  9. Major-General says:

    Maybe Verizon should spend a little less money on marketing and more on actually, you know, providing service.

    Of course, that’s been the problem since the unholy union that is Verizon began.

  10. majortom1981 says:

    This is why I am staying with cablevision. I have 16.5/2 speeds and they are cheaper with phone,internet,voip then verizon.

    Why switch to the devil when i don’t have to (this is coming from a verizon stock holder)

  11. @UnStatusTheQuo: I’ll second that

  12. dmartinez says:

    I have Verizon FIOS but first let me clarify something

    1) Verizon Wireless is horrible and Customer Service is horrible
    2) Verizon DSL is horrible and so is its Customer Service
    3) Verizon regular phone just as bad as item 1 and 2

    Verizon FIOS customer service is exceptionaly good. They even call you back (never had that happen before). I had an issue where I was using my email account and their email servers for my website to send email out to registered users of my site. It worked fine for a few months and then just stoped. I put in a call to tech support and they said they would escalate it. Two days later (on a Saturday) they actually called me back and told me what the results where from their research and then proceeded to talk to me on the phone to try and figure out the problem.

    Comcast would NEVER do that and I was their customer for 10 years with a cable modem (one of the first in Columbia Maryland).

    My guess is this story is the odd ball exception and not something normal and yes Verizon FIOS is WAY better than Comcast.

  13. Crymson_77 says:

    If this guy was switching his business and Verizon cut his phone prior to the completion of the switch, he should file a claim for interruption of business. A VERY expensive claim for Verizon to have filed against them. We just about filed one ourselves recently, only to find out that AT&T was the culprit when one of our T1 lines was sending packets to a black abyss.

  14. llynglas says:

    Some young Verizon salesperson came door to door in Staten Island, NY. He said he was there to sign us up for FIOS. I said we were not interested. He said how it was a new Federal law that all residences had to be connected by fiber by the end of 2008. I said that I had never heard about that law. He assured me it was in place. I asked if Verizon was going to lay fiber to all the farms in rural communities. And, how unlikely I felt that that was going to happen. He pointed out that Staten Island is not rural. (which is true, but not the point). Told him to stop bulls**ting me and to get off the property.

    Watched him head off totally unabashed to tell his tales at the house next door.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I switched my business Internet from T-1 to FIOS, and it’s been pretty good. I had Vonage for the voice side, so the transfer of that was seamless (maybe that’s why it went so smooth?). I had both networks for a month or two to insure stability and allow for smooth migration. Been about a year, and have had few problems. The only caveat is that they seem to be more geared to residential, and more business related issues (like setting up RDNS for your static IP range) confuse them for a little while – but once I got to the right person, it was addressed very quickly.

    We’ve had FIOS at home, too, and had very few problems. Our ONT (the box on the outside of the house) had a problem, and the tech fixed it, gave us his personal cell phone number in case we had any other problems.

  16. kc2idf says:


    Of course, that’s been the problem since the unholy union that is Verizon began.

    Nope, it goes back well before that. When Bell Atlantic was the company, they were just as bad, and so was NYNEX before them, and New York Telephone before them. Hell, I can’t think of a time when the telco customer service in upstate New York was ever really good.

  17. calvinneal says:

    Don’t any Verizon customers know the number of their states Public Service or Public Utility commission? Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is regulated.If your line is cut, mistakenly disconnected etc,or is not repaired with 24 hrs don’t fool around, call the state. Most states now have a service that allows you to email your complaint. These complaints are investigated and taken very seriously. The phone companies call them “executive appeals”. All three major phone companies have special staff who work with the state to resolve complaints generally within three business days. The Phone companies despise executive appeals and resolve them immediately.