Lowes Resorts To Legal Bullying Instead Fixing Their Horrible $3500 Fence Job

UPDATE: Allen writes to say, “The issue between Lowe’s, their attorney and I was settled amicably and in a timely manner…” He couldn’t say more, but his website has been taken down.

Allen ordered a fence from Lowes. It cost $3500. It sucks. If you lean on it, it becomes dislodged and loose. His dogs were able to escape just by pushing on the gate. There’s a two-foot gap underneath the bottom of the fence. Allen refused to pay until Lowes fixed it.

Lowes didn’t feel like fixing it, sending Allen to deal with the installer, who pingponged him back to Lowes. Lowes doesn’t care they didn’t do the job. They just want their money. So they sent Allen’s bill to collections. Allen is enraged and starts a website, Lowes-Sucks.com. Correspondence, history, more pictures, and phone recordings are up on the site.

Now Lowe’s is sending him cease and desist letters for infringing their trademark.

So let’s see, Lowe’s is paying enough attention to pay lawyers to shoot off some letters, but not enough to actually fix their crappy install. Real classy, guys. Real classy.

LOWE’S Home Improvement Sucks

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