Clearance Items

Kudos to the CTA and Sony [Chicago Tribune via Gaper’s Block]
The attendant threw on a reflective vest, locked the booth, went up to the platform with me, jumped down onto the tracks and grabbed the Walkman. It still worked perfectly.

Baby Daddy Mystery [Gothamist]
Do you mind if I tell them?” Ms. Robbins asked.

“Not at all,” Mr. Shaieb replied. “It’s fine.”

Ms. Robbins addressed the magistrate.

“Mr. Shaieb is gay,” she said. “He’s never had sex with a woman in his life.”

Mutant dog-nosed Jesus candles [BoingBoing]
I saw this row of Jesus candles at a drugstore in downtown LA a few weeks ago.

Johnny Depp “Pirates” cookie does not look like Johnny Depp [BoingBoing]
We’re gonna let them know America still cares about quality. We’re gonna let them know we are here to speak truth to power, until every comestible googly-eye is centered, every tweety bird eyelash aligned.

When Fakery Turns Fatal [NYT]
“…it mislabeled its feed exports as nonfeed goods, possibly to avoid food inspection; it also exported tons of pet food ingredients labeled as corn gluten and rice protein concentrate.”

(Photo: Tengaport)

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