Contact Seagate Executive Customer Service

Brian Wilkes
Phone # (405) 324-3432

920 Disc Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066-4542

A reader obtained this information by following our instructions on reaching executive customer service, steps which can be applied for nearly every single big company. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..Really, you probably won’t need this info. In my experience, Seagate drives are TANKS! I’ve got a pair of 500 gig Raptors mirroring stuff in my backup home server.

  2. EtherealStrife says:

    What acid said. They are incredible drives. I replace WD left and right ($6 to ship a drive 7 miles gets old real fast), but have never had any trouble with my seagates. And the 5 year warranty on even their cheapest drive is insane.

    I may use the contact info for positive feedback. They freaking rule.

    @AcidReign: I assume you meant barracuda? =P

  3. enki says:

    Agreed. Seagate drives are indestructible.

  4. Aetsen says:

    I’ll use this information to tell Seagate how they make great drives and have a excellent warranty.

  5. shawnstring says:

    Totally agreeing with the other commenters. Seagate drive are great. I am a serve tech and tahts all we use for replacement drives.

    also the fact the address is Disc Drive is hilarious

  6. pestie says:

    Add me to the chorus of pro-Seagate voices. In addition to the usual “server-grade” SCSI arrays you expect to find at an IT company, I deal with some very large IDE RAID arrays at work, which tend to push the generally-consumer-grade IDE drives to their limits, with heavy disk access and 24/7 operation. Maxtor drives are a joke. Western Digitals die frequently, or just “flake out” and need to be power-cycled to bring them back online. Seagates are a freakin’ GODSEND. They’re quiet, cool, and never, ever flake on me. And maybe it’s just luck, but I have yet to see one die, either. I swear by Seagate drives and they’re all I’ll buy for the office or at home now.

  7. AcidReign says:

    @EtherealStrife: Ooops! Barracuda it is. Or “they are.” My Seagate 200 gig USB drive is good, too. Can’t cook an egg on it like the Western Digital-based Ximeta Netdisk.

  8. danger the pirate says:

    Seagate is awesome. 5 year warranty? Awesome. On the rare occasion that one does fail, its really easy and quick to send it back and get a new one. get western digital’s info. heh. that’s useful. I’m currently running 2 400 GB and a 300 GB (1.1 TB, excessive, I know). They are all awesome. Nice and quiet and fast. Yay for Seagate!

  9. roothorick says:

    In the 14 of the 20 years of my life that I’ve been actively involved in computers, I have heard all the hard drive horror stories, especially the whole IBM Death Star fiasco. And not ONE of those stories involved a Seagate drive. My friend even decided to test the strength of Seagate drives by dropping it off his third floor balcony. The drive remained in one piece and put a crack in the cement below, but no, it didn’t spin up.

    Personally I’ve only ever had one hard drive fail on me (ironically enough, one of the infamous Hitachi MicroDrives) so I don’t have a lot of experience in terms of what’s reliable and what’s not, but I tend to trust a company that offers a 5 year warranty on literally everything they make. Not just anyone can offer that and stay in business. I’m planning computer upgrades in the near future moving my server to a 250GB RAID1 with 40GB drives holding the OSes for my two workstations. All of it is Seagate.

  10. alvinmathew88 says:

    I love Seagate to death, but i was one who reported the following information. Seagate denied me my warranty, because they couldnt find the drive in their system and i didnt have my receipt from a year ago. So i finally had to contact that Brian, very nice guy, to get the RMA process moving along. So let this be my contribution to Thanks – alvinmathew88