Burger King Sued For Taking Too Long To Drop Trans Fat

Anything KFC can do, Burger King should be able to do too, right? That’s what the Center For Science in the Public Interest is saying with a lawsuit against Burger King accusing the chain of dragging its heels on the trans fat issue.

Taco Bell and KFC have dropped trans fats, as has Wendy’s. McDonald’s has completed the transition process in 1,200 stores and will be trans-fat free by the end of 2008. So what’s the big hold up, Burger King? It’s not like there is no trans fat in your food. The CSPI says:

Numerous fried and non-fried foods at Burger King have alarming levels of trans fat, according to CSPI. A King-size Onion Rings has 6 grams of trans fat. A regular-size order of Chicken Tenders with a large order of French fries has 8 grams of trans. A Sausage Biscuit with a large order of Hash Browns has an astounding 18 grams of trans fat–more than someone should consume in 9 days.

Sounds like BK’s food is as plastic as the Burger King’s head. Thankfully for your eating enjoyment, the Whopper only has 1.5 grams. Yum. The fries, however, are tragic. 6 grams in a large package. Let’s go, BK!—MEGHANN MARCO

Burger King Hit With Trans Fat Lawsuit (Press Release) [CSPI]
Lawsuit targets trans fat use at Burger King [Miami Herald]
(Photo: Morton Fox)

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