Introducing Jezebel

The razor-fingered Valkyries seen above are the editors of the newest addition to the Gawker stable, Jezebel. They’ll be delivering an unvarnished excoriation of women’s magazines, celebrities, sex and fashion.

Jezebel has already executed a nifty project, sewing designer labels into mid-range clothing to see much they could get at consignment shops in New York’s East Village. Here’s what they were offered:

• H&M dress (original price, $39.99) masquerading as Isaac Mizrahi: 2 for 3, with highest offers of $130 and $190.
• Club Monaco jacket (original price, $199) masquerading as Richard Tyler: 2 for 3, with offers of $90 and $110.
• Club Monaco skirt ($129) masquerading as Donna Karan: 2 for 3, with offers of $78 and $135.
• Club Monaco sweater ($99) masquerading as Calvin Klein: 1 for 3, with offer of $50.

So if you’re looking for a new place to tell superficiality to go fug itself, while simultaneously reveling in its decadent charms, Jezebel may be place for you. — BEN POPKEN

Label Whores Hit The East Village [Jezebel]

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