Return Of The Nested Comments Script

Now, once again, you can see commenter replies nested inside each other, thanks to a phat Greasemonkey script by reader Yogurt Ealr.

Like a series of Russian dolls, all “reply to this comment” comments appear in a little box right under the comment they’re referencing. This makes it easier to maintain and track an ongoing conversation.

We had this feature before, but then we tweaked the site and Yogurt Earl had to tweak the script to make it work once again (mad props to Yogurt Earl).

Requires Firefox and Greasemonkey, a Firefox add-on that allows you to add user-created scripts that change the browser’s functionality. Will also work with OperaJS.

Give it a shot! — BEN POPKEN

Nest the comments on Consumerist and Lifehacker [YogurtEarl’s GreaseMonkey Scripts]

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