Sprint CEO's Phone Number, And 25 Other Sprint Execs'

UPDATE 5/29/07: Call 703-433-4401, a special number just for Consumerist readers that goes straight to the office of the CEO:

GARY FORSEE-CEO (703-433-4040) FAX 703-433-4352

Sprint! Your customer service sucks. Your call centers are broken. Your 1-800 hotline is a joke. That you placed dead last in our test last year of how long it takes a human to pick up is just the tip of the shitberg.

You run your call centers so they thwart customers with legitimate complaints and issues. Take this guy. He got a $600 Blackberry bill from Sprint and spoke with seven different reps, some of whom accused him of trying to scam Sprint. It wasn’t until he emailed Gary Forsee, Sprint CEO, that he got his problem resolved.

When you changed the text-message rate, it took you half-a-month to inform your reps that customers actually had the legal right to exit contract without termination fee, eating up 15 of the days customers had to exercise this right.

We have no choice. We must post your contact infos.

Readers, we implore you to use this information wisely. Use these numbers to kick your issue, which you have already unsuccessfully tried to resolve multiple times through regular customer service, up to the top. You know what we’re saying.

Twenty-five more executives, inside…

update 5/29/07


Adriano, Jerry – Customer Experience Executive | 913-762-8080 | jerry dot adriano at sprint dot com | KSOPHI0306 – 3C555 | 03503

Carter, Matthew – Base Management Executive | 913-794-2200 | matt dot carter at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 – 3A203 | 10000

Curran, Jim – BCS Executive | 913-762-1238 | jim dot m dot curran at sprint dot com | KSOPHE0210 – 2A101 | 07132

Digiorgio, Bryan – SVP Of Customer Care | 913-794-1705 | bryan dot digiorgio at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 – 4A603 | 10000

Garvey, Kim – Executive Assistant | 913-794-1671 | kim dot garvey at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 – 4A107 | 10000

Hallier, Shelley – Director | 913-794-1132 | shelley dot r dot hallier at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0402 – 4B465 | 10000

GARY FORSEE-CEO (703-433-4040) FAX 703-433-4352

Angelino, Mark – SBS Executive | 703-433-4440 | mark dot angelino at sprint dot com | VARESP0501 – 549 | NX9733 – 00100

Fleming, Denise Russel – Director | 703-592-5536 | denise dot r dot fleming at sprint dot com | VARESP0501 – 575 | 01532

Foosaner, Robert – Govmnt Affairs | 703-433-4144 | robert dot foosaner at sprint dot com | VARESP0503 – 561 | NX1785 – 00100

Garcia, John – Cable JV Sprint Only | 913-794-1393 | john dot a dot garcia at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0302 – 3A603 | 18900

Giarraputo, Joy – Assistant | 913-794-1501 | joy dot e dot giarraputo at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 – 4A421 | 00937

Hill, Christie – Corporate Governance | 703-433-4216 | christie dot hill at sprint dot com | VARESP0513 – 503 | NX1289

Kelly, Tim – Chief Marketing Officer | 913-794-1670 | tim dot kelly at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0410 – 4A103 | 10000

Kennedy, Leonard – Corporate Legal | 703-433-4274 | len dot kennedy at sprint dot com | VARESP0513 – 502 | NX1209

Land, Meghan – Office of the CEO | 703-433-4094 | megan dot land at sprint dot com | VARESP0507 – 5030 | NX1652 – 10500

Price, Sandy – HR Executive | 913-794-1001 | sandra dot j dot price at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 – 3A127 | 00895

Saleh, Paul Office of CFO | 703-433-4436 | paul dot saleh at sprint dot com | VARESP0512 – 583 | NX0974 – 00100

Walker, Kathy – Chief Network Officer | 913-794-4000 | kathy dot a dot walker at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 – 3A377 | 01263

West, Barry – Chief Technology Officer | 703-433-4578 | barry dot west at sprint dot com | VAHRNF0401 – 4070 | NX5901 – CTO00100

White, Bill – Corporate Communications Executive | 913-794-1099 | bill dot white at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0310 – 3A103 | 00089

Russ McGuire, VP of Corporate Strategy, at

Jeff Clemow Business Marketing

Since you have us on the RSS feed stitched directly to your eyeball, these will all probably be deactivated within the hour, but maybe for at least 55 minutes, some customers out there will be able to get through. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. bluecracka says:

    funny how gizmodo has this posted when sprint is one of their sponsors…the irony!

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Power to the people!

  3. mrimp says:

    Its so true too! I tried to have my mother taken off my plan since she passed away and the rep actually said to me “Don’t you have someone else that could use the phone” I was so disgusted I hung up…

  4. Trozzur says:

    This post is juvenile. I really expect more from Gawker media.

  5. thereviewer says:

    Do we find this info useful? I mean if I was Sprint, and I saw this, all it would mean is my number would change. It wouldn’t be anything but a pain and time wasting for these executives. Which is time they could be spending on customer service issues (I know they are not) but it is a time waster for them.

  6. Trozzur says:

    @mrimp: Always get a name (and rep #) and immediately ask to speak with a supervisor. No slack.

  7. thereviewer says:

    My post was here, and now it is gone.

    I am sad :(

  8. bluegus32 says:

    Trozzur: how on Earth is this post juvenile? This is empowerment, baby!

  9. medalian1 says:

    You do know that munging email addresses [at] [dot] [com] doesn’t work right?


    Spam bots can “de-munge” them. Your better off just posting them in their full format, cause it doesn’t matter.

  10. drewheyman says:

    medalian, that article you posted is really dumb.

    it’s true that its not difficult to concatenate munged strings, but the concatenator program has to know what to concatenate first, otherwise, it is really no better than just tossing random words together.

    so if a spammer wanted to steal email addresses from this site would have to code it specifically for this site, or would get a huge list of email addresses trying to cover all possible concatenation cases.

    Secondly, if you read the article you posted, they said the best defense was not to give out email addresses at all, which kind of defeats the point of the post.

    And how on earth could it be better to give the full email address? that way the spam bot doesn’t have to do any decoding? Do you know how easy it is to write a spam bot that pulls addresses from a website? About 100 times easier than writing a spambot to find email strings, and then more code to concatenate strings of words into email addresses.

    And that’s the problem with Consumerist in a nutshell. Consumers tend to be freakin’ dumb, so corporations fight that, and spend alot of time losing. and Consumerist only equates to a negative feedback loop, which will just make things worse.

  11. bokononist says:


    Why do you bother to read the site then? Every group contains dumb people, consumers included. It’s not special, and it’s not worth commenting on.

    On the other hand, there are those of us who are not dumb. The implication of your comment is that since dumb people show up, why bother? This makes no sense–where would the not-dumb people go then?

  12. medalian1 says:

    Most people use the same format
    replace [at] with @
    replace [dot] with .
    replace [com] with com
    How hard would that be?

    Some people use – instead of [, you get my drift.

    So they send some bounced emails, you think the spammer cares?

    I just posted the first link I could find about not using it, I didn’t read the article really.

  13. mccxxiii says:

    What do these numbers and letters mean?

    VARESP0513 – 503 | NX1289

  14. John Stracke says:

    Where do you get these data, anyway? Dumpster diving? Traitorous moles? Every place I’ve worked has warned people against giving out phone numbers to non-employees.

  15. radiofree says:

    So many on-point posts it’s hard to know where to begin to reply, other than to say:

    Thank you again Consumerist for getting us the information that proves useful in trying to get value for our money, i.e., support for the service for which we pay.

  16. AgentMunroe says:

    I’m going to come off sounding like a Sprint astroturfer, but whatever – I’ve honestly not had any problems with Sprint customer service. They’ve always been relatively polite and helpful – even to the point of removing $50 in roaming charges once when my phone didn’t say I was roaming. I keep having this pit of dread in the bottom of my stomach whenever I call, but so far my fears have been unfounded.

    Not saying that they don’t have problems, just saying that they’re not awful to everyone.

  17. Death says:

    In Boston we mung it to dawt calm which seems to beat the concatenators. This leaves us more time to worry about the impending Mooninite invasion.

  18. drewheyman says:

    i comment on it because alot of the info posted on this site is grossly missated, false, exagerrated, and people form opinions on companies based on it that aren’t fair.

    in my opinion, i think the authors of consumerist should do a better job of verifying the information (not that this particular post suffers from that or needs verification) they post and weeding out BS. that would be valuable, but it would be much more difficult. then dumb & smart people could happily read it and benefit from it.

    and yeah, again, medalian, the spammer has X amount of time to write a spambot and send out emails. if you just put all the addresses in standard format, then writing the spambot takes X short amount of time, and sending emails (unless you type a whole bunch of fake ones in your post, which would waste YOUR time, not the spam bot builder’s), then they get Xspamget – Xsendall to send emails to valid addresses for every website.

    If you hide them, even a little bit, then it moves from Xspamsite – Xdecode – Xsendbad – Xsendgood for each website. All this coding also kicks out small timers who only have the bot, but haven’t written alot of code behind it.

    There is no way that these two are equal RE: security from the website owner’s perspective.

    and the word ‘at’ is pretty common. the logic would have to be pretty thick to be very good at all.

  19. mbressman says:

    How many CEO’s and Chief Executive officers can one company have??

  20. mbressman says:

    How many CEO’s and chief executive officers can one company have?

  21. soldierboyadam says:

    A few in here have said the only thing that will happen is a few numbers will change. Well, at least a few people will get through to “the man”. These guys need a nice ass chewing instead of some shitty co-ops or temps telling them what they want to hear. That there customer service blows goat nuts..

  22. SOhp101 says:

    You want people to use these numbers responsibly, yet you submit it to Digg? lol the irony…

  23. violetmasters says:

    actually dude, more than half of those executive you have listed are no longer employees of sprint. for example, mr. tom natoli stepped down from his position as executive director of service and repair months ago. many more of those executives, during the reorganization of sprint, have had their jobs eliminated.

    sprint’s doing a lot right now to right the wrongs that customer care has inflicted. this includes firing the old executive director of customer care and specializing the workforce to aid the customers more efficiently.

    also, the “email addresses” you posted for executives are do not go right to the executive. they’re actually dummy addresses that are monitored by sprint’s IT department, specifically for this reason. occasionally the IT department will forward emails on that it deems important.

    one more thing, notice how all of the area codes for these executives are 703 area codes, which would make them based out of reston, va…or the 913 which would be overland park, ks?


    they’re not. these people are based all over the country with a vast majority of them being based out of irvine, ca & forth worth, tx, and not having 703 or 913 area codes.

    way to do your homework.

    and thank you for choosing sprint.

    • Anonymous says:

      I used an e-mail address from the above article to file a complaint with Sprint, after exhausting all other avenues and getting nowhere. I received a personal voicemail reply from Sprint within the hour, with a phone number to call back. My complaint is resolved, case closed, thanks to this info. Thanks! :)

  24. DesertIsBurning says:

    Two years ago, my father was a Sprint customer for his small business. And then he got diagnosed with brain cancer and had to close the company. He put me on payroll to try and tie up the loose ends of his business, so I had to cancel all his business accounts. Land line? No problem. Arch Wireless pager? Cake. Electricity? No problem. Sprint cell phone. HELL. Customer service lackey after lackey told me in flowery terms that I had to send in a death certificate to end the contract in good terms. I’m sorry, being in neurological ICU with a lumbar drain pulling the fluid off of his brain wasn’t enough for them?

    Flood the lines, guys. Stick it to them.

  25. Stepehn Colbert says:

    @John Stracke: they obviously were acquired from an employee. An understandably disgruntled employee.

  26. shoegazer says:

    i comment on it because alot of the info posted on this site is grossly missated, false, exagerrated, and people form opinions on companies based on it that aren’t fair.

    in my opinion, i think the authors of consumerist should do a better job of verifying the information (not that this particular post suffers from that or needs verification) they post and weeding out BS. that would be valuable, but it would be much more difficult. then dumb & smart people could happily read it and benefit from it.
    @drewheyman: Unless you post some examples of “grossly misstated, false, and exaggerated info” that Consumerist has posted without retraction or amendment, after they have been corrected by better informed commenters and sources, and unless you can prove that the Consumerist staff are in fact not weeding out BS but allowing it to stand, unless you do that, then all that reaches my dumb brain from your post is, “blablahblah troll”.

    @medalian1: I don’t see how any of that spam discussion detracts from the value to the consumer of having these email addresses to escalate stuff to. Corporate firewalls of all sorts already have to deal with tons of spam, I doubt a mention on a blog will crash their filters.

    Ben: might I suggest when posting email addresses next time, you just post the address and domain separately, such as:

    blahblah the email addresses are all @sprint.com:

    kim dot garvey
    shelley dot r dot hallier

  27. jeannieb24 says:

    Wow…whoever posted these numbers rocks!!!I just called the ceo’s office and got patronized but some lackey in his texas accent-but he finally gave in to all my demands-such as refunding the money they stole out of my account last night for one thing…im super satisfied by the consummerist!

  28. blackpro says:

    in response to a posting asking what the codes like KSOPHF0402 It is making reference to internal mailstops KC Kansas City VARES Virginia Reston

  29. cmbradshaw2003 says:

    I am very grateful for the posting of these numbers. I bought 2 Treo 700s in December 2006. Initially when the amount was run through on my corporate card, Amex did not approve it because I did not give prior authorization. After giving Amex approval, $998.98 was charged to my card. I did not receive the level of Customer Support from Sprint that I was accustomed to receiving so I cancelled within the 30 days and asked for a refund of my $998.98 minus any incurred charges. I was told I would receive $924.78.

    That was in January 2007. To no avail I have repeatedly called Sprint for the past 4 months and spoke to several supervisors regarding my issues. I have received bogus calls from collection agencies stating that I owed Sprint $1572.

    I used the information you provided and called the SVP of Customer Care Tim Kelley at 913-794-1671. I was transferred to an Executive Analyst Billy Young who immediately cleared the bogus information in my account and credited the one account $1572 and said the additional refund of $924.78 will be expedited and I should receive it within 3-5 business day.

    I cannot thank you enough for providing these numbers. I didn’t know who to turn to next in trying to resolve my issues.


  30. darnellswife says:

    Consumerist is the best! I called the executive customer care number after I got tired of being routed and rerouted to supervisors, tech supp, etc. I spoke with a very nice man who resolved my issue PROMPTLY and made me change my mind about ending my relationship with them and the civil suit I was about to file. CONSUMERIST ROCKS!!!

  31. mmaxfield says:

    This Sprint Supervisor I dealt with yesterday made Alec Baldwin look like father of the year.

    I was treated like a second class citizen and told that I should have someone who could carry on an adult conversation call back to discuss the billing matter.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this resolution number! This pig supervisor is going down.

  32. Rum1 says:

    Consumerist – how do I love you, let me count the ways. My brother dies. I call customer service. I send the requested fax. I wait. I hear nothing. I call customer service again. I talk to India who gives me a new phone number. I call. It’s the fax number I got before. I go to Consumerist. I call the “upated 5/29/07” phone number. I get Billy Youngs (same as a pp). I get my brother’s account handled in 5 minutes. By a nice person who actually has some empathy. I’m a happy camper. Thanks Consumerist!!!

  33. ronisellen says:

    THANK YOU!!!!.
    I found this after googling for sprint service issues. I really didn’t think I would get anywhere calling any of theses numbers. But I have spent over 24 hrs of call time over the past three weeks trying to get my 2 phones straightened out and every call seemed to make the situation worse.I started today with both of my phones “suspended” and a huge bill owed.And after three hours on the phone today was told I needed to pay to get it back on…HUH!After my husband was out a phone for 10 days and my number has been given away!! Yesterday I started at the top, Called forsee first, ( I got voicemail,it was sunday) I left a message, what the hell. I then went to Jerry Adriano, and left a message on his personal voicemail, which I was surprised to get I left it there because it was sunday and I really didn’t think it would accomplish anything anyway…..SO got back on the phone today with reg customer service as I said for another three hours and finally got a guy who put the 200.00 term fee into dispute so my ASL would go down and my phones would work at least for now…….an hour later RING RING …hmm the caller id says sprint…weird .hello/ Hi this is Jerry Adriano I received a message from you? anyway cut to the chase I tell him I found his # on the internet he aked where( i couldn’t remember) and said it was posted all over the place. Really nice guy and said he would fix my problems and i said fine if we could just start from scratch i would be more than willing to stay on. waiting to see if his “team ” is going to do that as he said but at least i got someones ear and i actually felt bad for the guy …So THANK YOU AGAIN will post the results if any

  34. Lexi says:

    Thank you! With Sprint the only way to get results is by going to the top. I have had so many billing issues, they can’t seem to get anything right. Their supervisors are just as clueless as the customer service reps. When they are not able to solve your problem they hang up on you. They are very rude and unprofessional. I was able to get my issue resolved by calling the nymber provided on this site. Thanks again

  35. majorh says:

    I used the phone numbers and got GREAT results!!!
    And, the issues were resolved very quickly!
    Thank you for posting this!!!

  36. twosox says:

    @ MCCXXIII AT 02:32 PM

    What do these numbers and letters mean?

    VARESP0513 – 503 | NX1289

    They are the mail stop and cost center,

  37. sanjoeel says:

    Hi! I am registering only to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I have been fighting with Sprint for 5 months regarding excessive charges on my bill, and was getting nowhere. I was JUST about ready to file charges when I found your site, and those golden numbers. I placed a call to Forsee’s office this morning at 9am, and received a reply phone call at 2:30 from their retention dept. and accomplished what Sprint CS could not accomplish in 5 months: ALL of my disputed charges were taken care of within 10 minutes. Problem Solved!!!!! I can’t say how happy I am. Thanks again.

  38. vhl_ogden says:

    It is about time that someone got enough gumption to make a site like this & post these numbers! Finally!!! I sent an email to several people on the sprint list, including the CEO less than an hour ago & have gotten a response from Gary Forsee. It is nice to FINALLY feel like someone cares!!! I’ve been fighting bad customer service, billing errors and uneducated service reps for months! And paying the penalty. Im hoping that this will finally FIX THE PROBLEM!!

  39. i read consumerist daily, but I never thought I’d have to use any of these numbers, sadly I do. I am so livid with Sprint & their crummy customer service I am about to spontanteously combust.
    Thanks for The good work YOU consumerist, do!

  40. Trackback says:

    It’s time to Sprint for the exit. Only 2 years to go. Forget $4,000 roaming bills for iPhones abroad: how about $833 bills for roaming in urban Pittsburgh? Yes, yes, I know: bitching about cellular contracts is so declasse.

  41. Buster121 says:

    The e-mail addresses and special 800 # were spot-on. I’d been trying to get a refund of my $2700 credit(long-story) for almost a month. “Normal” customer service was a nightmare but the contact info in the article got me two phone calls the next day and my refund being sent by overnight.

  42. lovely773 says:

    These email addresses work! I emailed everyone on the list about poor customer service and $900 in excess charges (that resulted in suspension of my service). The charges were removed and my phone was back on in five minutes!

  43. sawallish says:

    The E-mails you list may work. However Sprint’s E-mail system is set up as follows: firstname.lastname@mail.sprint.com As a former contractor to Sprint I can’t believe that the company has allowed it customer service to degrade to the point it has. The problem occurred, I think, when Sprint like many companies, decided to take it’s customer service off-shore. The customer service people in these off-shore locations are, for the most part, technically illiterate and respond to questions by reading from a script in front of them. “We very much appreciate your business” “We shall help you with your problem” Yeah, right!

  44. Fly Life says:

    Sawallish hit the nail on the head. the outsourcing of customer service has created a nightmare for many companies, not just sprint. i really loathe it. thickly accented customer service reps all sound like they are 500 million light years away and as if they are talking in a can. it’s a horrible experience and resembles falling down the rabbit hole, except minus the fun part.

  45. laxbobber says:

    After jumping around and around inside their crazy call & forward structure with two dropped calls and no one that could help me cancel I finally found help thanks to this article. The power of the internet wins again.

  46. nun says:

    by the way… these numbers no longer work. If you call the number for Adrien, it goes to someone else–it maybe someone else’s phone number now. I tried the number for Forsee and was given a number to call and speak with corporate customer service… I got my issue resolved…I’m calling this afternoon to have my fones turned off and to have the termination fee waived… I will have my way! :) Thanks for giving information–even if I’m 6 months too late on it working… my initial problem was resolved…

  47. triton2 says:

    Thank you for this very useful information. I had called Sprint to ask if I was still in contract. They told me I wasn’t. I ported service out – and got charged $400 in early termination fees. I went though four levels of customer service, speaking with people who simply couldn’t exercise individual judgment. One phone call to executive customer service – they prorated the termination fees – and I gratefully paid.

    I have always paid my bills on time, and use a substantial number of mobile services. I will NEVER go back to Sprint.

    Sprint: is is really worth treating people this way? Do you actually get anything out of it other than wasted help desk time and consumers who hate you?

  48. skadoo323 says:

    Wow their customer service call center is in Buenos Aires, Argentina and all 5 reps I spoke to do not know how to handle a simple phone replacement for a defective phone which was ordered through their telesales dept. There is a huge delay on the call, the call quality with the reps even with a landline phone is horrible. The reps can hardly understand English. They put me on hold and I wasted 1 hour and 45 mins of my time with this issue. I am going to give this exec number a shot and see what happens.

    Below are the names of the useless reps (and their ids) who I spoke to (I tried to get the rep ids of the other 2 reps, but they transferred me before they even finished)

    Victor rep id cc556321
    Omar rep id 701268
    Andrew rep id 5665047

  49. utlawlra says:

    This information worked for me. I just got through to the VP of customer service in Overland Park, KS.

    I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 6 years and called yesterday with billing problems. I’ve always paid on time.

    After talking with 3 reps who couldn’t help me, I escalated to the disconnection department where I spoke with a guy named Ruben who told me that I was trying to scam Sprint, that “people like you” who don’t read their bills carefully should learn their lesson, and he “wasn’t about to” go back over my bill to read all the notes to resolve the problem.

    When I spoke with the VP, he told me that he was going to get to the bottom of it and that Ruben would most likely be terminated. He said that they have had to fire several people lately to clean up this customer service mess. He promised to call me back before close of business today to update me.

    We’ll see what happens. I will keep you all posted.

  50. myersbaseball says:

    I just had the best chat session with the folks over at Sprint. I came across this site when I asked the agent for Sr. leadership contacts (email, phone). She absolutely refused. So I asked her to verify her department, if her department was under the Customer Care umbrella – she confirmed it was. Then I asked for the email or phone number for Bryan D. – SVP of Customer Care unit. She would not reply. So I copy his employee ID and phone number, tell her to verify what employee the information belongs to. She told me the previous person I was talking to. She and I both knew that was wrong, she never looked it up. So I very bluntly told her to look it up in the directory and verify the information for me. Her reply was, I can not give out email or phone numbers for Sr. Executives. I told her I was not asking her to anymore, I was asking her to verify the information given to me earlier in the day by an employee. She knew she was caught and could not get out of it. All of a sudden my chat session has ended…..

    This was a supervisor (alledgedly) that had taken over the chat session. I have a transcript of the chat saved & I’m going to send it to all 25 executives listed above. I told her that was what I was going to do and since she could not give out Sr. executives contact info, she can give me her email address so I could copy her on it – She replied – I do not have an email address.

    We’ll see what kind of response I get from the email. Regardless, the fact that I had this information and was able to get her to understand the fact that I busted her intentionally dishonest was worth the ** 2 hours and 15 minutes * spent on the chat. Thanks consumerist.

  51. HilliardAndraemon says:

    This information helped me resolve a network issue that had an open ticket for 3 weeks that encompassed nearly 300 air cards with Sprint. Turns out they had blocked incoming traffic with new firewall rules, and these executives made the resolution happen.

  52. Anonymous says:

    This actually works I emailed one of the CEOs of customer experience and within an hour I was assigned an executive service rep who took care of my issues It shouldnt have gotten to that point but we had called customer care every single month with issues THANKS!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Is there any CEO that’s not arrogant? Let-alone Sprint’s ‘new’ CEO on television. Such a bleak AD. Very foretelling. CEO arrogance is the norm in America now.

  54. Anonymous says:

    You need to change the CEO’s name…Dan Hessing. The number is correct. I just called it to get a person with a brain to understand my issue and not read from the prompter that “these are valid charges”. I was able to speak with a wonderful woman, representing the CEO Team, who listened intently and understood my issues. “Walla”! Resolved and I’m a happy camper….. Dee in Oxford

  55. Anonymous says:

    I am a long time Nextel/Sprint client. I recently renewed my service and purchased a HTC Touch phone. I thought I would Like it but as it turned out, I hate this phone. After two weeks I told the customer service rep in my home town of my situation and they advised me to give it a little more time, I may like like it according to them. I kept the phone and continued to update the rep, I even stated I would trade out for a cheaper phone. Well today was the final straw, I went back into the store and asked to trade out my phone for one I could use. I was amazed to find out my $249.00 Phone (8 weeks old) had zero value. They didnt even want to discuss the matter with me. Oh they did offer to sell me a used phone for $150 dollars, funny thing the same phone brand new was $ 149.00. I hope someone with decision making powers reads this and responds. Signed Disappointed in South Carolina (706-284-1129)

  56. Anonymous says:

    For the past SEVEN months I have been dealing with what sprinit likes to call ” coustomer care specialist” however have found that the only thing that they are special at is hanging up, telling you that they will call back and yet never do, over charges and my personal favorite is flipping blame of there problem to whom else….but the very people that pay their salaries, yes the customers. As of today I was informed by one of these “specialist” when I asked whom else would be able to help me with my large over charges, that there is no one else and that as far as I am concern that he was GOD. There you have it people the economy is so bad that GOD himself is working, and can be contacted at Sprinit Cousomer Care, therfore let it be know that the prayer lines are opened for your call.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Oh My! i too have been having problems with Sprint. everything was fine until i upgraded to the Rant phone. and let me tell you i upgraded on the 28 of November. well my phon started to mess up about two weeks into the upgrade, so i took the phone back. okay i was still in the 30 day policy. well the representative at the store which i always go to told me that they where unamble to give me a different model phone all she could do was order me another Rant. but thats not what is says in the policy! so anyway i got another Rant! well two more weeks go by and i’m having the same problem. so i call insurance claim…the gentleman ther told me he was going to make me a ticket to get me another rant. okay i advised him that i was very unsatisfied with the Rant and didn’t want another one. He told me only the store can give me a different model. okay the ticket was make i said okay. 3 weeks go by!! no phone. i call customer service to check on the order and guess what no order was placed!! so the lady i talked to told me it would be better to go back to the store and order another phone. Well i dont want another Rant! so going on my 3rd Rant. No one can help me. i’m on the phone for about 3 hours trying to get someone to help me from Sprint and no one can, because the store should’ve gave me a new model phone the first time!! im’ very dissatisfied!

  58. Anonymous says:

    I just used one of the e-mail addresses on this forum and received instant response – Thanks for the information. My problems are now resolved

  59. Anonymous says:

    In response to Altheachryseis, Jan. 22, 09. I too am having the same issues with my Rant. I bought mine less than 2 1/2 months ago and I am on my 3rd phone still have the same problems with the phone. The only reason I haven’t taken it back for another Rant is I don’t feel like staying at the Sprint store for over an hour again. I just want another model phone without having to pay the full price for another. It is not my fault there is a defect in the Rant. I am totally hating Sprint right now.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I have had to call Sprint repeatedly about charges and adjustments to my account and after 4 months asked to speak with a manager who did absolutely nothing! It was outrageous. This morning I emailed about 6 of these executives and by this evening, all of the charges were refunded and a phone call from an Executive Rep was received as well! Thank you so much, it really does work. Go straight to the top.

  61. Angelina Gammage says:

    The following is the email that has been sent to sprint

    My Name is Angelina Gammage. I am a customer of sprint and after an days of stress, having my service cut off, after paying bills then reinstated, then receiving a $500 bill for one month of service. I have decided to get the Attorney general of Connecticut invovled,he is already investigating your company. No one seems to want to help me, or even give me details to my account this makes it seems that your company is aware that they are commiting fraud. With this being said, I have enlisted the help of law enforcement and Richard Blumenthal. I suggest that someone who can actually solve this problem contact me instead of ignorant CSR’S who are instructed by you to ignore and aggrevate the customers. If I do not get a response within 3 days of this email, i will assume that you are willing to be sued by the State of Connecticut.


    Angelina M. Gammage

    Antuan M. Garrett

  62. mrs_joshica says:

    Let me start by saying this, I love my phone, and I love my coverage. I can get service when others, and where others can not. However, I absolutely HATE their “so called” customer service. First, I feel as though I should not have to have my personal information placed in the hands of an individual who is across the waters somewhere. Outsourcing is the first and biggest problem with Spring and many other companies, and you know, if outsourcing was the only problem I would not posting. Heaven forbid you actually reach an American-based call center, then you are met with uneducated, attitudinal behavior.

    My bill has been consistently over $265+ dollars and I was stupid enough to contact “customer service” for assistance. Wow, don’t I know better? Not only did we NOT accomplish anything with the individual overseas, but the rep, mistakenly thought he was on mute and decided to go on a cursing spree about HIS EXPERIENCE on this call! I let the rep know that I heard him, and that I wanted a supervisor NOW, and he said “One moment”, and hung up the phone. Needless to say I went through many transfers, and still didn’t speak to a supervisor, but a few other “reps” with higher status’. One “Team Lead”, which is just shop talk for higher paid individual in chair trying not to resolve issues, actually may have resolved my issue with the rate plan for NEXT MONTH…Gee, too bad I had several other issues that had not been touched. The most sad, disgusting, and disappointing thing about it all, is that they were so laid back about another representative cursing at/with the customer on the line, that it was almost like they were high! I have emailed several on the list and keep you posted. Thanks for making this info possible!

  63. traveler113 says:

    I’m on a month-to-month plan. Sprint has allowed me to upgrade my phone for years without a contract, as I’ve been with them over 11 years. They offered me a Hero phone if I would renew for 2 years at my current rate. While they were “investigating” why they suddenly needed a contract, and why I’ve never been offered “Premier Plan” offers and rewards (for being a customer over a decade), I thought I would be the magnanimous one. So I signed up for two years at my current rate and bought the Hero for $179. I went in to pick up the phone, and they demanded that I now be on a lessor plan for 2 1/5 times the price! That’s how Sprint rewards loyalty!!! Hello, Attorney General’s Office? Hello, Verizon?

  64. jimsnurse says:

    Well, I called the number on the right that was supposedly for consumerist complaints and the woman that answered had complete attitude from the get go, seriously it was obvious she was not into any part of her job. So I hung up and called the number that is supposed to go to the CEO, who is now Dan Hesse. Nothing, sends you back to your phone. Any other suggestions? I am going on my 3rd NEW Palm Pre. Just want to get a lesser phone, maybe a Lotus Elite.And they can keep the new Pre. Even offered to pay the $99 for the Lotus. Nope. They are getting me a new Pre dammit, and thats that. No matter that it would save them money to give me a Lotus, and I would stay a customer. Now I am going to sell my new Pre, and leave. Seems like idiotic business sense to me.

  65. Babbles says:

    Someone please help! I am at my wits end with Sprint! I spent countless days on the phone with a potpourri of Sprint Customer Service and Client Retention Specialists to secure a discount and (2) free phones as part of the terms of my contract renewal with them (after being with them for over 10 years), only to find that I am now being charged for the phones.

    After several more hours of phone calls and pass offs to “higher ups,” they are not honoring our agreement because the person who sent me the phones didn’t make notes in the system. I gave up an opportunity to move over to US Cellular with an amazing deal they were offering the same weekend that I renewed with Sprint and I am thoroughly frustrated.

    What’s even more frustrating is that I was told by the Client Retention Specialist (Grant ta305290) that he was the top guy that I could talk to and that I was stuck with the phones and the bill for them. How can a company make an agreement and not honor it? Does anyone have an updated contact bumber for the CEO of Sprint?

  66. logan says:

    Sprint/Nextel has the most disrespectful executive team in the business. Even THESE numbers will not help you.
    Call anyone of these and you will be transfered to the same scum that you started with.
    Its like a roller coaster of AXXholes.

  67. dliver316 says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for this list. I just recently had a big problem with Sprint myself. We were having trouble getting my husbands phone to work at all. No one was able to help us ….we were probably on the phone with Sprint for a total of 10-15 hours trying to resolve this issue (over multiple days). We tried to cancel before the 30 days was up and they talked us out of it saying they could def get our problem fixed. However, on the 33 day we had enough and tried to cancel without penalty which they would not do (even though the problem was theirs and they even told us they did not know what to do to fix it). So after being laughed at on the phone I looked up “contact Sprint CEO” and found this site. Thank goodness, b/c I contacted Jerry Adriano via email with the story and he promptly emailed me back the next day saying someone from his office would be in touch with me soon. A woman from his office called and got the issue resolved in less than 15 minutes! I am thrilled…I received a check back for everything, even the month of service we used (which I did not expect to get back) and we have NO penalty. So this list does still work and I really appreciate it!

  68. airon_22 says:

    Hey Im having some issues with sprint thought the customer services was getting better but I was fooled. So if anyone knows who to get a hold of let me know.

  69. Kristi says:

    Everyone you are right Sprint promised to fix things and lied. They said that the rebate we were supposed to get on our phones that we were talked into and bought back in late sept early oct of $ 200.00 would pay for our last bill but they never convienently sent so we have called them weekly and they said we will write off the 38dollars and your check should be there in a week we are still waiting as of yesterday the cust. service person said with all the notes we would not be turned to collections because we were still waiting on the rebate guess what they crapped up my credit and turned me over does anyone know how they cabe turned over for not paying me

  70. Kristi says:

    Everyone you are right Sprint promised to fix things and lied. They said that the rebate we were supposed to get on our phones that we were talked into and bought back in late sept early oct of $ 200.00 would pay for our last bill but they never convienently sent so we have called them weekly and they said we will write off the 38dollars and your check should be there in a week we are still waiting as of yesterday the cust. service person said with all the notes we would not be turned to collections because we were still waiting on the rebate guess what they crapped up my credit and turned me over does anyone know how they cabe turned over for not paying me

  71. Kristi says:

    Everyone you are right Sprint promised to fix things and lied. They said that the rebate we were supposed to get on our phones that we were talked into and bought back in late sept early oct of $ 200.00 would pay for our last bill but they never convienently sent so we have called them weekly and they said we will write off the 38dollars and your check should be there in a week we are still waiting as of yesterday the cust. service person said with all the notes we would not be turned to collections because we were still waiting on the rebate guess what they crapped up my credit and turned me over does anyone know how they cabe turned over for not paying me

  72. Kristi says:

    Everyone you are right Sprint promised to fix things and lied. They said that the rebate we were supposed to get on our phones that we were talked into and bought back in late sept early oct of $ 200.00 would pay for our last bill but they never convienently sent so we have called them weekly and they said we will write off the 38dollars and your check should be there in a week we are still waiting as of yesterday the cust. service person said with all the notes we would not be turned to collections because we were still waiting on the rebate guess what they crapped up my credit and turned me over does anyone know how they cabe turned over for not paying me

  73. FtheCat says:

    Seduced by Sprint’s seemingly better plan, I decided to combine all the cell plans for the family under one carrier. Because there was a mistake on a phone that was ordered, I asked that everything be held up for a day. this was within 12 hours of the order. After that, all H broke loose. I was given misinformation, hung up on, talked to several supervisors telling them to cancel the order. They said, despite the assurance from one rep to wait 24 hours and then it will be easy to stop shipment, that it was too late now. However, all I had to do was refuse the package.
    While I was at work, they delivered and left the package. Then, last night and against my specific instructions, they ported my numbers. Because their offices were closed, I was without my cell service until they reopened.
    My wife and I will combine our plans, but it will never be with Sprint. I pity anyone who has this service.

  74. The Kat says:

    Every time I upgrade with Sprint I get a huge bill they can never get it right, been on the phone for over 2 weeks now and today a Supervisor named Grant in their Account Service Dept hung up on me because he was clueless on how to correct my problems and didn’t want to transfer my call to his Manager, he said policy said he cant and we went back and forth on the issue for over 20 minutes and then he just hung up on me! Thank goodness I found this site and a site with Sprints CEO’s phone numbers and emails and got a hold of someone who said they will look into it and get back with me tomorrow….. lets see! I have over a 12 page word doc with problems last time and this time I have over 8 pg of written down notes on a word doc…. lots of problems with their lack of customer service and why is upper management telling them they won’t take calls? They get paid to be in that position don’t they but they don’t want to do any work????? what kind of company is this????

  75. bf says:

    Sprint Customer Service is not helpful and they seem to just do whatever they can to either get you off the phone or out of the store (depending on where you’re trying to get service from.) It is never in their authority to do anything, the person in charge is never available or ‘just left’. I let someone know and have them call you (they don’t). It would be wonderful if they let you out of the contract. Now the new trick is to say they are not responsible for the equipment. They are just responsible for the service. Whenever there is a service problem, they say it’s equipment. Nice going Spring, selling stuff and not taking any responsibility for what they sell.

    Does anyone know if they have a contractual requirement to provide service.

  76. TEYA1 says:

    I have sprint services and they suck. My phone don’t work, so I took it to a sprint repair store, they couldn’t fix the problem. They ordered me another phone, which is on back order that will take 2 to 3 weeks for me to get it. I called the Sprint customer care and the Rep told me I could get the Samsung Galaxy 2 in place of my HTC EVO if I return to the repair store, that is 45mins away from my house. To make a long story, I was on the phone with Sprint customer service for 3 hours and nothing has been resolved. Now I’m stuck with a phone with no internet, and my calls drop when i’m on it. No one except for one Rep named Crystal was trying to get the phone, i was told i can get my phone dropped the call and I couldn’t get back with the same Rep. I am soo ready to cancel my services with Sprint.