KFC/Taco Bell Rat Apologist Comments On Vincent Ferrari's Blog

KFC/Taco Bell left a note over on Vincent Ferrari’s blog on a post about the profusion of rats at a western Manhattan KFC. We really liked this part (emphasis added):

We agree that the situation at the Greenwich Village restaurant is totally unacceptable and, as you may know, the restaurant has been closed until further notice. Some construction in the building’s basement last Thursday temporarily escalated the situation, and we are correcting that. Everyone at KFC and Taco Bell is working hard to take care of the issues at this restaurant.

“Temporarily escalated the situation…” Translation: “There was a whole bunch of rat nests in the walls that we broke open during the construction and the all the rats were like hell yeah, KFC.” — BEN POPKEN

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  1. FMF says:

    Ben — Sometimes you’re such a riot!!! ;-)

  2. Falconfire says:

    happens though. When they started to build our addition to the high school last year, all of the mice fled to the main building across the street and started to show up in the halls and offices when before there where none.

    Not NEAR the numbers here though lol.

  3. Monica Iceland says:

    Escalated the situation? Does that mean there were a few rats before and they only became a problem when their numbers “escalated”?

  4. Kornkob says:

    In fact, I know that a frequent complaint in roach infested complexes is that the landlord fails to bug bomb multiple buildings in the same complexes (or even all units in a single building) and the roaches can actually be seen moving from the ‘bombed’ area to the untreated areas. And of course the following week they move right back again.

    I’m not sure that rats living in that density would fail to inhabit the ENTIRE building but I know that migration in response to treatment or construction is real.

  5. Monica Iceland says:

    In order for the situation to be escalated, there had to be somewhat of a rat problem in the first place. Considering that KFC’s spokeman is using the term “escalated”, they seem to be acknowledging that this problem pre-existed the recent construction.

  6. Falconfire says:

    ITs NYC. I dont care where you live, you have a rat problem, even if you dont see it.

  7. SexCpotatoes says:

    But it passed NYC health inspection! heh.

  8. Vinny says:

    @Efanee: I think that’s exactly what my problem with it was. Seems like they really screwed the pooch by admitting they were aware of a rat issue before this came out.


  9. tadowguy says:

    The good news is that the rats will die of heart attacks in short order.

  10. John says:

    Awww, what cute little guys! This would make a great movie! Chilito, the Rat that would only eat Fast Food!

    Sort of a Ratatouille, Part II.

  11. axejacks says:

    This angers me. I can’t believe this establishment was just inspected and passed. Food safety in this country is awful. People have got to start being held accountable. Could you imagine your partner feeding you a disease on your plate at dinner? That would be premeditated murder, wouldn’t it? These workers had to have known this problem and they should be held accountable for this along with the health inspector. Unfortunately, it takes lawsuits for people to start caring about what goes in our mouths. I wonder how much these workers cared about this problem. Think of the bacteria that is carried around from these pests. It’s amazing no one has taken seriously ill from eating here. Food safety should be required to work anywhere around food. I hope lawsuits come out of this.

  12. problem22 says:

    Hey jackaxe, you have to calm the hell down! I don’t know why your freakin’ out. I don’t think that you understand the big picture in all of this. First of all the Taco Bell employees and the health inspector are not exactly Harvard MBA’s, if you know what i mean. They are probably limited in how much influence they have, when they try to convey problems that they encounter at work.

    People might not understand their broken English, consisting of “fuckin’ grande ass rat problemo”

    Second you have to look at this from the health inspectors point of view. Do you know how much extra paperwork is required to try and close down a restaurant, in bureaucrat filled New York?? Huh, do ya, it is at least, AT LEAST an extra page and a half of writing that she has to complete. Now how they hell is she supposto finish all this extra paper work, and get home early enough to watch the ending of “Girlfriends” huh?

    It people like you assjack that anger ME. You don’t understand the way the world works, sometimes people have to suffer for the greater good of the nation. So what if some people got a little sick, that was a good episode of “girlfriends” on that night, and hell I wouldn’t of wanted to miss it either.

    What i am trying to say is that people have complex lives and sometimes through media interpretation facts get distorted. For example “rats invade taco bell” could also be interpreted as ” mice out for a stroll” And “health inspector gave it a passing grade” may also be interpretation as ” health inspector running late for t/v show”

    “Conclusion” sort of

    Do you see how these “connections” begin to manifest when you make rational conclusions about why the government (federal and local) needs to privatize much, much more of its services and duties. Under the governments control the health inspector could expect a nice easy job, 1 1/2 hour lunch, steady pay, generous raises, and basically no real fear of loosing her job, as long as she does the minimum necessary.
    Under control of a private firm their health inspector would not have the same easy treatment. He would be given a moderate salary, with the possibility of larger bonuses, if and when he discovers health violations in restaurants. He now has the incentive to root out all problems in all restaurants because his pay is directly linked to his performance in his inspections.*

    * this is of course assuming that the private firm could legally impose fines and have the right to collect them.