The Xbox360 Fiasco

This is Tim’s tale of Xbox360 woe at the hands of Walmart.

Tim just wanted to play Viva Pi

ata on his new Xbox360. Only problem is that it came without a controller. So he returned it to Walmart. The next Xbox he bought had the “ring of death” failure. Another return. He tested the next one in-store, and it was fine, only to return home and have it not work when he tried to play any games on it. So he returned everything to Walmart, including games, got all his money back, and bought everything a GameStop.

Then he happily played Viva Pi

ata all day long.

All told, with driving back and forth, Tim spent 6 hours trying to get a working system and games.

Upshot: Walmart is probably stocking Xbox360 returns without checking for defects. Microsoft shoved a defective product out the door. — BEN POPKEN