The Xbox360 Fiasco

This is Tim’s tale of Xbox360 woe at the hands of Walmart.

Tim just wanted to play Viva Pi

ata on his new Xbox360. Only problem is that it came without a controller. So he returned it to Walmart. The next Xbox he bought had the “ring of death” failure. Another return. He tested the next one in-store, and it was fine, only to return home and have it not work when he tried to play any games on it. So he returned everything to Walmart, including games, got all his money back, and bought everything a GameStop.

Then he happily played Viva Pi

ata all day long.

All told, with driving back and forth, Tim spent 6 hours trying to get a working system and games.

Upshot: Walmart is probably stocking Xbox360 returns without checking for defects. Microsoft shoved a defective product out the door. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. instantpop says:

    Because GameStop is soooo much better of a corporation than Wal-mart.

    Way to swap one evil for another.

  2. queenarach says:

    Same thing happend to me…make 6 trips to best buy I kid you not…Really ricidulous..

  3. royal72 says:

    the 360 may officially be the worst gaming console of all time and a damn expensive one at that. my son and i got to play ours a few times a week for about six months, before the dreaded red lights of death. it is currently at m$ for repair. as soon as it comes back i’m selling it.

    if you didn’t know, there are already a few class action lawsuits. as a direct result of those, m$ had to extend the ridiculous three month warranty to a full year and send refunds to anyone who paid to have their 360 fixed before the extension of what most consider a normal warranty. personally i’m hoping to just get a refund and give m$ back this p.o.s.!

    if you’re in the market for a gaming console, consider the wii or even picking up a pc/mac just for gaming (perhaps used to save money). the ps3 is the next option, but i’m hesitant to purchase it for the fact. it has the same power pc processor from ibm and runs really, really hot (which i believe is the root of 360’s problems). if you do get a 360 or a ps3, spend the extra money for an extended warranty that will let you exchange it at the store if anything goes wrong.

  4. yamabushi says:

    Cant wait to get my hands on Vista!! hope everybody likes blue.

  5. OGHowie says:

    I used to think people just weren’t taking care of their systems until my launch 360 broke last week. Good thing I got the extended warranty. Freaking MS.

  6. bloodr says:

    First, shame on that guy for going to Wal-Mart in the first place. No one should be surprised that they are restocking returns. I know they used to do that with computers all the time. So I have a hard time thinking this is entirely the XBox360’s fault.

  7. GilloD says:

    I’m sure that the 360 has more defects than in previous generations of consoles. However, my friends and I have all had 360s from day one without a problem. Although there are a substantial number of defects, keep in mind that they ARE the minority.

  8. RogueSophist says:

    I wouldn’t blame Wal-Mart. It is hardly breaking news that the QC on the 360 is reportedly disastrous, to the point where Microsoft bestowed upon its entire 360 user base a warranty extension from 90 days to one year.

    After two unsuccessful attempts (and at least six hours speaking with customer service), I’m a happy owner. For now.

  9. jastyle521 says:

    I’m still waiting for my third hard drive, some how they lost it. It’s been over 5 months now and they keep saying that their very backup because of all the repairs they’ve had to do 360 is a very cheap console

  10. kod says:

    “the ps3 is the next option, but i’m hesitant to purchase it for the fact. it has the same power pc processor from ibm and runs really, really hot (which i believe is the root of 360’s problems)”

    FUD much?
    The PS3 does not have the same processor as the 360, and has a much better cooling system than the 360. Many of the problems with the 360 appear to be caused by bad solder joints, which is not an issue with the PS3. If you had seen the inside of both consoles, you would know there is no comparison in manufacturing quality . . .

  11. wildhobo says:

    I bought a DVR from Walmart when I was with my girlfriend once and when we opened it up there was only newspaper in it. Then Walmart tried to say they could only give store credit. I thought my girlfriend’s head was going to explode.

  12. wildhobo says:

    I might have already posted this so sorry but…

    I bought a DVR from Walmart when I was with my girlfriend once and when we opened it up there was only newspaper in it. Then Walmart tried to say they could only give store credit. I thought my girlfriend’s head was going to explode.

  13. gustopher says:

    OMG…dude, don’t buy it at walmart…geez.

    The walmart by my house always puts returns back on the sales floor. I’ve tested it with things I’ve returned. Sure enough, it’s back on the shelf! Nastiest thing is that they’ll put underwear that was returned back on the shelf. Eww. I’ll never buy underwear there unless its intact in it’s original packaging. Even then, I’ll wash it in HOT water before using.

  14. stephen5 says:

    The 360 is the crappiest piece of electo-junk to be rushed to market to meet a deadline in a long time, but they do have pretty good tamper evident packaging. If he got a 360 that had been previously opened and returned, and he couldn’t tell (3 times) I think it might be his problem not Walmart.

  15. dowingba says:

    I wonder how many people getting the “Red ring of death” are actually getting 4 red lights, which only means that your power cord isn’t in securely. Wouldn’t that be hilarious if this whole 360 defect hoopla was due to a bad error-code decision (why should 3 red lights indicate a more serious problem than 4 red lights?) and that, in all reality, the console is no more defective than other consoles?

    I only posit this theory because I’ve never met anybody who’ve had a 360 die, including myself. I’ve only ever heard 3rd person accounts from friends of a friend, etc. And I also posit this theory because last year MS told me to send in my console for repairs when it turns out the problem was merely a firmware glitch that affected every 360 in existence and was later fixed with an automatic update.

  16. TOCATL says:

    Well i have to say that my 360 came with all the necessary cables (for the core system) the control, and didint gave me the ring of dead, so im pleased with it, and well is fun but need more games GOW an LP are kind of boring…

  17. canuckistan says:

    Wait a minute, Microsoft sells defective products? STOP THE PRESSES.

  18. Daytonna says:

    I have had a Xbox 360 since mid December, it sits in my electronics cabinet along with my Direct TV DVR/control box, my DVD player and my audio receiver. I did buy the aftermarket intercooler fan for the 360. I have never had any issues with the game console at all even after 12 and 14 hour gaming sesions over the weekend nights. (much to my wife disgust). I never had an issue of any sort with this console.

    The unit was brand new from our local Toys R us. And I am sure was manufactured well after the large intial launch. I think it would behoove anyone to not purchase the initial release of any system. Give the system some time to mature and for defects to be addressed before purchasing one.

  19. gundark says:

    Wii are simply not impressed with the quality of the 360.

  20. OGHowie says:

    For the people that say their system hasn’t failed on them, knock on wood and get that extended warranty quick.

  21. John says:

    All the anti-360 FUD here is pretty sweet. How’s about we mention that Microsoft replaces any defective 360 under warranty for free? With overnight shipping both ways?

  22. OGHowie says:

    Well they’re not overnighting the empty box to me. They told me they would ship it UPS 3 Day.

    I called last Thursday and I assume it would’ve arrived already, but hopefully it’ll be here by tomorrow…

  23. aestheticity says:

    “Overnight”. Good one.

  24. John says:

    It wasn’t a joke. When my 360 died, I was overnighted a box, with a return label. If Microsoft don’t do it any more, fine, I’ll retract my statement, but they certainly did for me.

    Or are you just nit-picking?

  25. Teqonix says:

    My 360 will be getting back from Microsoft within the week (after a 3 week waiting period), and I’m chomping at the bit to use the thing again. I’m torn between liking the 360 so much, and the fact that quality control on the things has been utter crap.

    Here’s hoping the new version will be more reliable all around.

  26. Water sucks. It really really sucks. Gatorade is better.

    What about Mac vs PC?? Linux vs Windows??

  27. rockergal says:

    weird! I work at a Gamestop (be nice!) and One lady called in for a 360 She bought one at wally world and it turned out to be a Korean version. She returned it, got another one, and that one did not come with a power supply. Returned it again, and the next one had the ring of death when she took it home.
    I told her to return that one as well and get a full refund and get one at our store, I would let her test the new console right in the store to save her a trip (just in case)
    I thought this was just an isolated event.
    This was at the wallyworld in Coal Twp, PA

  28. formated4tv says:

    When I bought my 360 from Circuit City it had a lot of problems turning on (the HD would spin, but no picture would come up on screen). The 2nd one I got from them worked fine (as of right now).