Creative Advertises FM Radio Recording, Kindly Revokes It

If you tell someone you bought a Creative mp3 player, chances are their first question to you is going to be, “Why didn’t you just buy an iPod?” Pay these people no mind: they are Apple zealots and will burn in hell. After all, an iPod doesn’t let you record FM radio on the fly, does it? ‘Ey?

Well, no, it doesn’t. But then again, neither do Creative MP3 players more. Creative has just released a firmware update for it’s Zen MicroPhoto and Zen Visin:M players, which disables the box-advertised feature of recording FM radio to your hard drive.

Isn’t it nice now that EULAs allow companies to revoke your rights for their own convenience at any time?

Creative Strips FM from Zen Vision [Gizmodo]

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