Does Snapple Rot?

Usually Rachel swigs Nestea but if that’s out, she gets a Snapple, which frightens her. Rachel is shocked and dismayed by the lack of an expiration date on Snapple iced tea, as well as the “film” and “floaty bits” she finds on the bottom. She asks:

1. When does Snapple expire?
2. Are floaty bits normal, and do they exhibit expiration or is it natural?
3. Is it normal for a gross film deposit to be on the bottom of the glass bottles?

We have no idea. Why don’t you drop a dime? Or just cut and paste your this email into Snapple’s online feedback form? They have a whole department of frustrated english majors who do this all day.

Not having had a Snapple in quite some time, we guess that the detritus at the bottom is not a sign of decay, but that the jar actually contains real things that came from the ground. A few vigorous shakes of the bottle should make it all better, you ninny.