Comcast Lies (Badly) To Snag Vonage Customer

Comcast is dissembling like a mother smucker, telling fabulous lies about Vonage in order to get customers to switch. Comcast telemarketed one man and told him that Vonage:

• has inferior call quality.
• only works when the computer is on.
• is so insecure, hackers can eavesdrop on your calls.

It’s a shame to see Comcast stoop to such blatant perfidies, especially when there’s real reasons to not use Vonage, like ass-hat customer service and near-inability to cancel your account. Tsk, tsk – and in the middle of National Customer Service Week! Shame! No company branded concentration beads for you.

Is Comcast lying to attract new customers?” [Ready Response] (Thanks to Octavia & Trey!)