Morning Deals Round-Up

• Today’s Toofertoosday Woot! is two Kensington Optical Wireless USB Mice for $17.99. Unfortunately, they look astonishingly crappy, involving a clunky base station connected by USB umbilical to your PC. Still, handy for garroting.

• If you’re a modern day bachelor like me, you can’t have enough cutlery, because when a fork goes mossy and begins crawling with small, silvery insects, it’s easier to throw it away than clean it. So pick up the Oneida 77 piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set for $64.99 from Amazon. Click ‘Buy Both and Save’ and enter the coupon code OCTSAVER.

• More fine living for bachelor life: buy yourself a 60 pack of Kellog’s Cereal in a Cup for $34.99. Or use coupon code KELLOGGS to get $10 off.

Highlights from Dealhack

Save up to 50% off Notebooks, Printers and More at HP Home

Bargain Book Specials up to 64% Off at Amazon

Apacer 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $33 at Newegg


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  1. Phil says:

    The dishwasher is an amazing device. Try it sometime! Not washing dishes and remaining a bachelor are also related. Look into that, unless hermitude was the desired effect. :-D

  2. ProfJonathan says:

    The OCTSAVER coupon is not for just that pattern, but many other items in housewares. You just need a $125 total before discounts to qualify for it. I picked up 12 placesettings of my existing pattern, Oneida’s Flight, for the same $64.99, although because the total pre-discount was $124.99, I had to find a cheap mixing bowl sold by Amazon to push it over the total. Thanks, Consumerist–you’re worth your weight in bits! :) {Prof. Jonathan}

  3. ProfJonathan says:

    The OCTSAVER promotion is not just for the pattern you listed, but most housewares on Amazon with a total pre-discount price of $125 or more. Thanks, Consumerist–you’re worth your weight in bits! {Prof. Jonathan}