Telecoms May Suck, But Cable Companies Only Blow

Exactly how bad is the industry standard for customer service when telephone companies are being absolutely trounced in customer satisfaction polls by cable companies?

The survey quizzed customers on satisfaction with local and long-distance telephone services; cable companies were included in the survey if they offered packages bundling telephone service. It seems that cable companies are not only significantly cheaper across the US than traditional telephone providers, but people feel they get better customer service from them to boot. In fact, only one telecom company ranked highest in any US region: Verizon, for god’s sakes.

Given the standard of customer support we’ve experienced at the hands of cable companies, this is like the Neo-Nazi party leading the polls in the Israeli elections.

Cable Companies Outscore Phone Companies in Customer Satisfaction [Consumer Affairs]


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  1. GenXCub says:

    I, myself, wonder how Sprint stays in business here in Las Vegas. Sprint (now Embarq.. how f-ed up is that name?), is trying to lure more people onto their crap DSL simply based on the name change. The customer service office is staffed with the same people, it’s still going over the same crappy wiring. All of a sudden, I hear people say “I wonder if this new Embarq service will be good? Maybe I should try it.” Aaaargh. Cox Communications may not be the savior of good service, but when contrast to Sprint, they’re downright godly.

  2. ModerateSnark says:

    Hey, since you brought up Verizon, I’ll ask again what happened with that Verizon chat they wanted to have with Ben?
    I asked in a comment once before, but my question got lost in a big gay debate. (I’m still wondering why I jumped into the middle of a big gay debate.)

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..I’ll take Bellsouth over Charter Cable ANY DAY! Bellsouth DSL and the phone lines kept working even through hurricanes Ivan and Dennis. And Katrina. The folks on my street unlucky or foolish enough to have Charter Pipeline (TM) internet are treated to blistering 70k bandwidth in the evenings when they get home from work and fire up the computer. And that’s if there’s not another weekly outtage…

    …..I’ve got Charter’s expanded basic cable service (analog), and the picture’s pretty lousy. I have a switch on my line to my main TV so I can go to a set of rabbit ears if I’m watching a local station. It’s that bad. Some channels are full of electronic noise, but the company’s put all the religious channels on the bad frequencies lately. I’ve been told I should go to satellite, but I’m unwilling to cut down the small forest of ancient oaks on the south end of my property so that I can get a signal…