How Much Corn Is In This Frickin’ McNugget Anyway?

I like the Chicken McNugget. Hey, it’s not chicken or anything, but my sole interest in the McNugget is as a flavor carrier of McDonald’s brand sweet and sour sauce. I love that stuff. It is for that sauce — looking oh-so-remarkably like the output of a mewling newborn — that I can never bring myself to order any similar gobble-sized chicken parts from Burger King or the like. Their “chicken tenders” (in case you never noticed, a creative marketing euphemism for “chicken genitalia”) may taste better than the McNugget, but that pink, orange-flecked sweet and sour sauce is an abomination.

So if the Chicken McNugget isn’t actually Chicken, what the hell am I slathering this sweet (and sour!) manna on? Well, the luscious Kate over at Accidental Hedonist took a look at the ingredients of the Chicken McNugget, and you’d probably be just as well off throwing an ear of corn into a bag of Shake ‘N’ Bake.

How Much Corn Is In A McNugget? [Accidental Hedonist]

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