Why Is This Garnier Shampoo So Stinky?

What is this fell odor wafting out our Garnier shampoo bottle? Garnier products are great, especially the gel (oh my gawd, yes!), so we were surprised to open it this morning, having previously used it with no smelly problem at all–and gag.

Lest it make us go all Medusa, we’re afraid to put this shampoo in our hair. It smells like it’s rotting. Maybe the “active fruit concentrate” became “active.”

The bottle is kinda old, maybe even around a year. There’s about an inch of “poo” left. We inherited it from a former roommate in the mix of moving and she was not one famed for her ritual cleansing.

Still, we’ve never heard of shampoo going bad. We should plant it in the garden. Perhaps next spring, buds of hotel mini bottles will blossom.

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