Where did it go?

Garnier Assumes Surfers Can’t Do Math, Zaps Hair Stuff With 40% Shrink Ray

Going by comments and reviews on the Garnier Fructis website, there are a lot of people (mostly men) who are very upset that Garnier Fructis’s Surf Hair product disappeared from the market without warning. There are a lot fewer people wandering around with artfully messy short hair achieved at a reasonable price. Karl was happy to find the product on the shelf, but less happy to discover that the formerly 5.1 ounce jar now contains only 3 ounces, even though the container itself is the same size.


Why Is This Garnier Shampoo So Stinky?

Why Is This Garnier Shampoo So Stinky?

What is this fell odor wafting out our Garnier shampoo bottle? Garnier products are great, especially the gel (oh my gawd, yes!), so we were surprised to open it this morning, having previously used it with no smelly problem at all–and gag.