AP Journalists Plagiarise Blogger

Journalists don’t respect bloggers. That’s okay, we don’t respect journalists much either. Although we will always admire a clever writer, an excellent observationalist, a sound investigator or a great reporter, the entire concept of the “journalist” — untouchable, clergy-like purveyors of knowledge and opinion in a modern world that would be lost without them — makes us want to headbutt splayed scissors. Journalists are the guys too inept and self-righteous to be good reporters, commentators or essayists.

So we’re not terribly surprised to read this story over at The Huffington Post, in which an AP journalist was caught red handed plagiarizing a blogger who broke a story about revised guidelines for US security clearances. When the AP was confronted by the plagiarism, they said that they viewed the site as a blog and, as such, didn’t have to credit them.

Hey, AP! See that link at the end of this post? The one with a source in brackets next to it? By actually linking others and attributing our sources, we try to turn our readers on to other sites and writers; in doing so, we make candid recognition of the fact that every story we post did not spring up out of our head by sole dint of our lucid and resplendent genius. It’s a good example of how bloggers often have greater journalistic integrity than actual fucking journalists.

What’s weird about AP’s claim that they don’t have to credit blogs is that they credit blogs all the time. Maybe what they really mean is that they don’t have to credit them only when they are plagiarizing them?

MSM Plagiarism Strikes Again: AP Welcome to the Party [Huffington Post]


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Guess what? The nation’s courts have ruled that bloggers are journalists so suck it you fucking AP bitches.

  2. Paul D says:


    AP bitches.

  3. Who wants to be a journalist? I’m fine with being a blogger. More leeway to be an individual.

  4. Joel Johnson says:

    I’m just here to say, YEAH!

  5. Adam Fields says:

    Apparently, this is also the official policy for, of all places, CNET.

    Last month, I came up with some questions for Google and pursued some inquiry with John Battelle.

    CNET did a follow-on story reusing the questions verbatim, and any credit they gave me for writing them was claimed to be discretionary, as they don’t consider bloggers to be official sources.


  6. Danilo says:

    What a bunch of bastards.

  7. L_Emmerdeur says:

    A friend worked as a “journalist” for a year at Forbes, and the only truth he picked up there is that “a journalist is a person who knows nothing about everything”.

  8. OkiMike says:

    Yeah bitches!