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MSM Plagiarize Raw Story Yet Again!

MSM Plagiarize Raw Story Yet Again!

Poor Larissa. She’s long been the lefty light of our life, the fire of our loins. La-ri-ssa: tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to sizzle, at three, on the teeth. La! Ri! Sa! So we were heartbroken when we discovered that scarcely a week after her site, Raw Story, was plagiarized by the AP, mainstream media has done it again!

More on AP Blog Plagiarism: “We only credit blogs we know.”

More on AP Blog Plagiarism: “We only credit blogs we know.”

Some follow-up to the story we reported on the other day about the AP not crediting bloggers. Luscious Larissa Alexandrovich, the blogger who was plagiarized by AP for a story she did on revised guidelines for US security clearance, wrote us to point our attention to the new tact AP is taking to excuse the plagiarism: now they claim that while they do credit bloggers, they don’t credit bloggers they don’t know.

AP Journalists Plagiarise Blogger

AP Journalists Plagiarise Blogger

Journalists don’t respect bloggers. That’s okay, we don’t respect journalists much either. Although we will always admire a clever writer, an excellent observationalist, a sound investigator or a great reporter, the entire concept of the “journalist” — untouchable, clergy-like purveyors of knowledge and opinion in a modern world that would be lost without them — makes us want to headbutt splayed scissors. Journalists are the guys too inept and self-righteous to be good reporters, commentators or essayists.