OfficeMax says, “No Evidence of Security Breach”

“Following an extensive review of its security systems, OfficeMax says it has no reason to believe it was the company that suffered the data breach that resulted in thousands of cases of debit card fraud,” in a CNET report pointed to us by reader John.

Of course not. If they’re so stupid as to allow the theft in the first place, why should they be in any position to evaluate their security system’s strength?

Look at the over twenty stories we posted here of people who were forcibly reissued debit cards.

One of the victim’s daughters wrote in “Around then [February] the San Jose Mercury ran a story on a security breach at an
office retailer.
My mom reviewed 6 months of debit card purchases. OfficeMax is the only retail store in her list.”

It’s entirely possible that the fact that a great deal of the victims were Office Max shoppers is coincidental. The data in the SoCal Office Max security breach might not have been used in this particular scam.

But it sure is a big, funny, fat, stinking coinkydinkus.

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