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Hyatt Reports Another Payment Card Breach Affecting 41 Hotels In 11 Countries

For the second time in two years, global hotel operator Hyatt has been hit by a far-reaching breach of its payment card system. The latest attack involves the financial information of guests who stayed at any one of 41 Hyatt properties in 11 different countries. [More]


Sonic Confirms Payment System Attack, Offers Pointless Credit Monitoring

As we learned last week based on information from people in the banking industry, payment cards used at Sonic Drive-In locations have been linked to suspicious transactions. Sonic confirmed today that its payment systems were indeed breached in a malware attack, potentially by crooks seeking payment card numbers. [More]

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Breach At Holiday Inn Owner InterContinental May Include More Than 1,000 Hotels, Not 12

InterContinental Hotels Group, which operates chains like Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, recently admitted that the payment systems in some of its restaurants and bars had been compromised, and released a list of 12 affected locations. It turns out that the list was short by well over 1,000. [More]

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Report: Shoney’s Affected By Chain-Wide Payment Card Breach

If you’ve dined at Shoney’s anytime since Dec. 2016, you probably want to take a good hard look at your credit and debit card statements, as reports from financial institutions indicate that some cards used to pay for meals there have recently been used to make fraudulent purchases elsewhere. [More]

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Arby’s Admits Malware Infection And Credit Card Breach At Hundreds Of Restaurants

The last time you satisfied your craving for seasoned curly fries at Arby’s, did you use a credit or debit card? It’s time to start watching your statements for fraudulent transactions and also to watch your mailbox for a new card: Arby’s announced a payment card breach at a few hundred of its restaurants. [More]

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Holiday Inn Owner InterContinental Hotels Confirms Payment Card Breach

In December, several banks had identified hospitality giant InterContinental Hotels Group as the common link among customers with otherwise unrelated fraudulent credit card transactions. InterContinental is now confirming the breach and releasing information on which of its hotels’ restaurants and bars were affected. [More]

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Eddie Bauer Removed Malware From Payment Systems In All Of Its Stores

In today’s spin of the Wheel of Cybercrime, the affected business is…Eddie Bauer, a clothing and housewares retailer with more than 350 stores across the country. The company confirmed today that its point of sale systems were infected with malware, which has now been removed, and customers’ payment card information may have been compromised. [More]

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Eat At Cici’s Pizza In The Last Year? Watch Your Credit Card Statements

Let’s spin the Wheel of Credit Card Fraud and see which chain has had its payment systems compromised by malware today! Ah, this time it’s pizza buffet restaurant Cici’s, which announced this week a payment card breach that in some restaurants dates back to the beginning of 2015. [More]

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Wendy’s Has Another Update On Their Payment Breach, Knows What Data Was Taken

As you may remember, earlier this summer, fast food and salad experience restaurant Wendy’s confirmed that “considerably more” than 300 of its stores fell victim to a malware attack starting in late 2015. Now, the fast food giant is spilling the chili beans on what customer information the hackers took. They extracted cardholder names, credit and debit card numbers, and card expiration dates. [More]


Investigation At Wendy’s Turns Up Malware, Payment Breach At 300 Restaurants

Remember the suspected payment data breach at Wendy’s restaurants from earlier this year, which resulted in a class action lawsuit almost right away? It took a few months, but Wendy’s has confirmed that they did experience a breach dating back to fall 2015, and they’ve now fixed the underlying problem, which affected an estimated 5% of their restaurants. [More]

Hilton Confirms Credit Card Breach In On-Property Stores And Restaurants

Hilton Confirms Credit Card Breach In On-Property Stores And Restaurants

Two months ago, reports from banks indicated that there may have been a credit card breach from the payment systems in on-site stores, coffee shops, and restaurants in Hilton-owned hotels. Reservation and payment systems for hotel rooms were not affected. Hilton confirmed the breach late yesterday, warning customers who had used payment cards to check their statements. [More]

Ashley Madison Offering $378,000 Reward For Info On Hackers

Ashley Madison Offering $378,000 Reward For Info On Hackers

While big companies have been known to offer “bounties” to white-hat hackers to test for weaknesses in their networks and websites to ensure they aren’t one day breached in a cyber attack, it’s too late for, the dating site for cheaters. After the embarrassment of having its users’ private information made very public, the site is now dangling several hundred thousand dollars as a reward for information leading to the arrest of the group behind the massive hack.  [More]

Very Personal Information For Over 30 Million Ashley Madison Users Set Loose On Internet In Wake Of Hack

Very Personal Information For Over 30 Million Ashley Madison Users Set Loose On Internet In Wake Of Hack

Ashley Madison, the website for cheating cheaters who specifically want to go have an affair, was hacked in July. A day later, the company said that it was working to secure its users’ data and all personally identifiable data had been taken down. But perhaps the company is taking after the worst habits of its member base, because that too turns out to be a pack of dirty lies: the full data for over 30 million Ashley Madison accounts is now out there in the wild. [More]


Sally Beauty: Investigation Confirms Customer Payment Info May Have Been Put At Risk, But Not Debit PINs

Three weeks after Sally Beauty first said it was looking into whether it’d been the victim of a hack attack, the company says it’s confirmed that criminals used malware on some of its point-of-sale systems, possibly exposing payment information for customers who used cards at some of its U.S. stores. [More]

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FBI Opening Investigation Into IRS Breach That Affected 100,000 Taxpayers

After the news yesterday that the Internal Revenue Service reportedly suspects Russian identity thieves were behind a breach that allowed thieves to access information for approximately 100,000 taxpayers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says it’s now investigating the incident. [More]

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United Offers “Bug Bounty” Of Up To 1 Million Miles For Hackers Who Find Vulnerabilities In Website, Mobile App

While big companies are known to quietly seek out the services of white-hat hackers to test for weaknesses in their networks and websites, it’s not every day that a major airline publicly offers a “bounty” to people who can diagnose vulnerabilities in its systems. [More]

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Report: Stolen Credit Card Information Used By Fraudsters To Make Purchases With Apple Pay

A rash in data breaches at national retailers may have led fraudsters to use Apple Pay to make big-ticket purchases with credit card information stolen during national data breaches. [More]

Banks Report That Park-N-Fly Payment Information May Have Been Breached

Banks Report That Park-N-Fly Payment Information May Have Been Breached

Park-N-Fly, as you may be able to guess from the name, is a company that provides parking and shuttle services at airports. Customers can make parking reservations and pay online before their flights, which is very convenient. However, the company may have been the latest victim of a payment information breach, according to reports from card-issuing banks. [More]