Chick-Fil-A Gives Free Sandwiches to Church-Goers

Chick-Fil-A likes God. If Jesus was poultry, they’d serve ’em up with BBQ communion wine sauce. The store is never open Sundays. The sponsor Christian music concerts. A Muslim sued them alleging they forced him to pray at work.

Which is fine, you can run your business however you want, secular or God-Lickin’-Good. We just wanted everyone to know that you can bring in your church bulletin and receive a FREE Chick-fil-A sandwich with purchase of a combo meal if you go to the Richmond Ave Chick-fil-A in Houston Texas.

Big photo and possible video of a Chick employee saying you don’t have to be a member of a church to get a free sandwich, after the jump.

The videographers who sent this in say they were trying to not be obvious while documenting the interaction, which they certainly seemed to have achieved.

Big version of the photo, suitable for framing.


(Thanks to Maumita for the pictures and video!)

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