HOWTO: Stop Supermarket Circulars

Don’t want to save 10
on three hams anymore?

Trixare4kids writes in on how to get the supermarket circulars out of your mailbox.

She received the “Shop Wise” ads from Advo, who, according to their answering machine is, “the nation’s largest full service targeted direct mail marketing company.”

She then called 888-241-6760 and requested removal. You can also use the form here.
If your ads don’t come from Advo, there should be a number somewhere, often on the cover with your address, informing you where to call.

We, on the other hand, are considering signing up for the Advo ads. Look at that Jollibee mascot. That’s what we’re going to dress up as for our next ritualistic sacrifice/satanic orgy (also referred to as “Sac-n’-Org’s).

UPDATE: We’ve been informed the picture displayed is for the Shop Wise store, not the “Shop Wise” packet which contains ads for Walgreens, Longs, Albertsons, Safeway, etc. We’re going to keep the photo up anyway because we think the horror of the Jollibee somehow represents everything that’s wrong with opt-out based direct mailings.