Cingular’s Server Down Yesterday

Looks like yesterday’s Cingular dropouts may have been due to a faulty server which had to get a bobby pin inserted into a small recessed button on the backside.

Here’s an email intercepted by a municipal telephony manager:

*From:* Montalvo, Rai on behalf of DoITThelpdesk
*Sent:* Tuesday, March 07, 2006 11:47:14 AM
*To:* AllDoITTEmployees
*Subject:* RE: Cingular BB Issues!
*Auto forwarded by a Rule*


Cingular has given an ETR of 30 to 60 minutes. One of their servers
has been identified as the problem and is in the process of being reset.


D.o.I.T.T. Help Desk

DoITT licenses the Cingular franchise in the NY area.

About half of New York City’s official municipal communication devices run on Cingular/AT&T. Good thing there wasn’t like, any emergency going on or anything.

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