Japanese Girls Sick Of Valentine’s Day

Adorable Japanese girls are sick of the expense and tedium of slavishly giving all the men in their lives chocolates on Valentine’s Day. From Yahoo News:

Japanese women are fed up with a longstanding Valentine’s Day custom requiring them to give chocolates to men without getting any in return.

According to an Internet survey, 70 percent of working women said they would be happy if there was no tradition of giving “obligatory chocolates” to their boyfriends or colleagues.

Nearly 60 percent said they felt unhappy as Valentine’s Day approached, citing the cost and time it takes to shop for the gifts, which are finely calculated to express just the right emotions toward a boss, a colleague or a true boyfriend.

Because the Consumerist is staffed entirely by long-suffering men who have had their pockets drained time and time again by our girlfriends’ Valentine’s Day hysteria, we’re pleased with the misogynistic reversal of the ritual over in Japan. But seriously, ladies… we hear you! We hope those $200 box of chocolates you are buying to console yourselves have been formed between the thighs of virgin angels, though.