Verizon Confirms "New Every Two" Is Ending

Verizon has confirmed the information in the leaked slide we reported on two weeks ago. They’re ending their “New Every Two” policy. New customers after Jan 16 won’t get the credit, and current customers won’t get the credit after their next contract renewal.

Previously the program let those in two year contracts apply a $30-$100 credit towards a new phone.

Customers who could have gotten new phones as soon as 13 months will have to wait until 20 months to get a phone at the special “new customer” rate.

It’s no coincidence that the program is getting changed just before Verizon gets the iPhone. With guaranteed interest from existing and new customers, it no longer has to entice people as much. And the longer they can make you wait to upgrade your phone at the promotional price, the more money they make.

The real question will be to see if the other carriers follow suit and also tighten their upgrade perk programs.

Hello, iPhone; goodbye, upgrades [MSN Money]

Verizon Switching “New Every Two” Plan To 20 Months?

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