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FAA: Pretty Please Do Not Use Or Charge Your Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 On A Plane

Exploding phones are never a good thing, unless maybe you’re writing a James Bond movie. But they’re an exceptionally bad thing in a crowded, high-pressure space where emergency workers can’t reach you… like an airplane. So the FAA is asking you, please, pretty please: if you have a Galaxy Note 7 could you, you know, not use it or charge it on your flight? [More]


Why We’re Praying That ESPN Does Not Begin Subsidizing Wireless Plans

For the last couple years, some in the wireless industry have been pushing for providers of data-heavy content to subsidize users’ wireless plans in order to guarantee that subscribers don’t hit their monthly usage caps. Apparently, ESPN is mulling over whether it wants to go that route, but we really hope they don’t. [More]