Cafe Blocks Wireless Signals So Patrons Can Put That Dang Phone Down Already

Look up from your screen. Did you forget there’s a real world out there, with sights and sounds and people who aren’t yammering away at you via any of the plethora of apps for mobile devices? One café in Canada wants to remind customers of what it’s like to live in a wireless-free world. A wireless-less world?

In any case, the Faraday Café in Vancouver has blocked all wireless signals in order to make people actually engage with their environment.

The brain behind the idea tells that it was time to make being out of touch with everyone at all times cool again, you know, like talking to people in real life.

Also, your friend is just being nice by not telling you how annoying it is when you play Candy Crush instead of talking when you’re together, and how she wishes you would please stop that.

Vancouver’s Hookup Cafe []

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