Florida Town Worried Roving Wild Boars Will Put A Damper On Trick-Or-Treating Fun This Year

Trick-or-treaters could be meeting Porky this year. (WESH.com)

Trick-or-treaters could be meeting Porky this year. (WESH.com)

There’s the homemade costume that didn’t turn out like you dreamed, the candy bag that springs a hole unnoticed until the trick-or-treating is done, and the sudden flash of bad, stormy weather raining all over your carefully madeup skeleton face. All are big bummers on Halloween… and then there are huge wild boars roaming around, ruining trick-or-treating night in an entirely different way.

Of all the things that could dampen Halloween spirits, perhaps nothing is weirder than the threat of wild boars in one Brevard County, FL neighborhood.

WESH.com reports that a gang (or gangs) of boars has been running amok quite a lot recently, making plans for Halloween somewhat dicey. Because having little kids walk around with the possibility of running into some new, cranky porcine pals isn’t something most parents want to attempt, the homeowners association is concerned about pigs looking for a snack on the night when everyone else is out doing the same.

A local wildlife trapper’s haul this week goes to show just how rampant the pig problem is — he says he’s captured eight hogs so far this week, while 17 homes have had their grass rooted around in by boars. He’s sure there are more out there, as well.

“Some of the homeowners are telling me they’re walking out on the sidewalk, they’re pooping, they’re crossing the road,” he explained, adding that he’s used traps baited with corn in backyards to try to get a handle on the situation, and will bring in dogs to catch or at least scare them away for the time being.

Thus far, the largest hog spotted around town is reportedly about 350 pounds. He could probably put away his fair share of Twix bars, that’s for sure.

Hogs running wild, destroying lawns in Brevard County neighborhood [WESH.com]

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