Officials: Man Was Killed Because He Tried To Pay Off $3K Debt With Star Wars Figurines

If we could all just choose our own currency, you better believe I’d be paying off all my debts in bobby pins found while vacuuming. But because we can’t pick our preferred methods of payment, officials say one man killed another who allegedly tried to pay off his $3,000 debt by way of Star Wars figurines.

Law enforcement had been on the lookout for a man suspected of killing the sci-fi loving debtor, reports the San Francisco Gate, and reported finding the Mexican national in Contra Costa County, CA.

The suspect is accused of murder and kidnapping tied to the disappearance of a man in September 2010 who “purportedly owed the suspect’s criminal confederates roughly $3,000,” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said in a statement.

When the missing man tried to settle by “trading his extensive collection of Star Wars action figures, which were worth more than the amount he owed,” he allegedly walked into the suspect’s house and never walked out. Yes, it was a trap (allegedly).

The suspect had reportedly been spending time working at a California hotel under an assumed name, according to authorities, staying in the country on a 2011 visitor’s visa which expired after six months.

And while there’s a murder involved, there are still puns to be had, apparently. Because Star Wars.

“The so-called ‘force’ was definitely not with (the suspect) during his capture and subsequent removal to Mexico,” said the field office director for the immigration agency’s enforcement and removal operations in San Francisco.


Man wanted in ‘Star Wars’ killing in Mexico had been hiding out as Antioch hotel worker [San Francisco Gate]

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