The Only Princess Leia Toy Offered In Hasbro’s Star Wars Line Is Wearing The “Slave Outfit”

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that apparently the only memory of Princess Leia we can take from the original Star Wars trilogy is that of her scantily clad in a slave’s bikini, chained to that hulk of flesh and drool, Jabba the Hutt. At least that’s the only image of her currently sold in Hasbro’s “Black Series” line of figurines at a bunch of toy stores.

If you were to ask my childhood self what Princess Leia looked like, I would’ve immediately said “Big ol’ buns and a long white dress.” Or “dressed up as Boushh the Ubese bounty hunter and armed with a thermal detonator to try and get Han back because that’s what strong women do for the men they love when they’re frozen in carbonite.”

But as this post on Jezebel points out, look on the shelves at stores like Toys R’ Us or online at and out of the two women figurines featured in the Black Series line, one of those is Leia in her bikini, complete with dangling chain. (The other being some “Mara Jade” assassin person who is fully-clothed and [spoiler alert] goes on to marry Luke Skywalker.)

This, despite the fact that the princess wears at least 10 other outfits (H/T to Jezebel) throughout the course of the series, from that bounty hunger disguise to combat gear while fighting in the forests of Endor. Maybe slave Leia can borrow the cape from Bespin Leia, a doll from Hasbro’s “Vintage Collection.”

While I’m not one to begrudge anyone their fantasies, and I get it, Carrie Fisher is a pretty lady, what kind of message does that send to kids, girls especially, when the only strong, powerful woman shown in the series is reduced to body parts in a golden bikini?

Again, this is only in regards to the Black Series line — thank goodness there are plenty of other fully-clothed options out there for discerning parents to choose from when it comes to Princess Leia. My mother — the biggest** and most knowledgeable Star Wars fan I’ve ever known — is likely very, very disappointed in you, Hasbro.

We’ve reached out to Hasbro to see if the company has a statement regarding Leia’s noteworthy lack of clothing and will let you know if we hear anything back. Maybe making plastic clothing to cover a plastic doll’s body was just too expensive?

Carrie Fisher, are you out there? If you’re reading this, you might be our only hope. Or at least we’d love to hear you weigh in.

*Thanks for the tip Mary, who is not me, I swear.
** Yes, Mom, I meant biggest as in devoted, you are nowhere near a Hutt by any stretch of the imagination. Unless Hutt’s mom was also a tiny, awesome Midwestern mom.

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