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Nicholas Eckhart

Bankrupt Gander Mountain Could Have A Buyer, Allowing Stores To Stay Open

When specialty sporting goods retailer Gander Mountain recently went bankrupt, the future of the company’s physical locations was in doubt. Now comes a report that there may be a buyer for Gander Mountain that could keep some of the chain’s stores open. [More]

Mike Mozart

Dick’s Sporting Goods Predicts More Trouble In Industry, Will Focus On House Brands

Unlike a number of its competitors who are shuttering stores or shutting down entirely, sales are up slightly at Dick’s Sporting Goods. That may not be enough to please Wall Street, so the retailer has a plan to boost profits: Sell more of its house-brand products. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Report: Outdoors Superstore Gander Mountain Looking To File For Bankruptcy

Wait, there’s yet another sporting goods store potentially headed for bankruptcy? There are reports that Gander Mountain, an outdoorsy chain that calls itself “America’s firearms superstore” is headed for bankruptcy. [More]

Mike Mozart

Owner Of Eastern Mountain Sports And Bob’s Stores Files For Bankruptcy Again

Last year, Vestis Retail –– parent company of Sport Chalet, Eastern Mountain Sports, and Bob’s Stores –– filed for bankruptcy and shed the Sport Chalet brand. Now the company formed out of that bankruptcy, Eastern Outfitters, is itself filing for bankruptcy and hoping for a buyer. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Sports Authority Customers Are Shopping Somewhere, Not Sporting Goods Stores

Where did Sports Authority’s customers go? The sporting goods retailer filed for bankruptcy almost a year ago, closing all of its stores by the end of the summer. However, other retailers in this sector are puzzled because the Sports Authority customers who, in theory, should have taken their business to the competition have apparently just stopped buying sporting goods. [More]


Dick’s Plans To Bid On Bankrupt Competitor Golfsmith

This has been a bad year to be in the brick-and-mortar sporting goods business, unless you’re the dominant chain in that market, Dick’s. Golfsmith filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year, and a major competitor was Golf Galaxy, a similar specialty chain owned by… Dick’s. Now the bankrupt chain’s former competitor is reportedly preparing to buy its United States business, at least, out of bankruptcy. [More]

Mike Mozart

Analysts: Dick’s Could Take Over 80-180 Sports Authority Stores

How many sporting goods stores does this country really need? Two outdoors-oriented chains are reportedly considering a merger, and two companies in the sector have filed for bankruptcy protection in the last few months. Sports Chalet is shutting down, and Sports Authority stores are all closing or for sale: the buyers could be liquidators that would simply sell everything off and close down. According to a recent report by some investment analysts, though, market leader Dick’s may take over some of those stores. [More]

Cyndi Beane Henry

Report: Bass Pro Partnering With Goldman Sachs To Acquire Rival Cabela’s

The same day that the dire fates of Sport Chalet and Sports Authority give us reason to ponder the state of the sporting goods industry, we have news of more possible changes in this niche retail market: Outdoor goods giant Bass Pro is reportedly looking to buy rival Cabela’s.  [More]

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Another Sporting Goods Company Files For Bankruptcy; All Sport Chalet Stores Closing

With the dust just beginning to settle surrounding the bankruptcy and 140-store closure of sporting goods retailer Sports Authority, another, albeit smaller, outdoor gear retailer is following suit. Vestis Retail Group, the operator of brand Eastern Mountain Sports, Bob’s Stores, and Sport Chalet, officially filed bankruptcy papers today, outlining a restructuring plan that focuses on closing 56 stores.  [More]

Sports Authority Officially Declares Bankruptcy, Will Close Up To 140 Locations

Sports Authority Officially Declares Bankruptcy, Will Close Up To 140 Locations

As it was foretold, so it has come to pass — and quickly: National retail chain Sports Authority Inc. is filing for bankruptcy today. [More]

(Nicholas Eckhart)

Report: Sports Authority To File For Bankruptcy As Early As Next Month

A week after Sports Authority told employees it would close all of its Texas locations, the sporting goods retailer appears to be on the brink of filing for bankruptcy protection and closing nearly half of its stores.  [More]

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Sports Authority Reportedly Closing All Texas Stores

One of the nation’s largest sports retailers is reportedly getting a bit smaller, as Sports Authority is reportedly set to close several stores, including all locations in Texas.  [More]

Why Ship Four Hockey Sticks In One Box When You Can Use Four?

Why Ship Four Hockey Sticks In One Box When You Can Use Four?

Reader Leeny placed an order from Amazon: four hockey sticks, because Amazon really does sell everything. We have to admit that hockey sticks pose a packaging challenge, but Amazon was up to the task with tall and spacious boxes. What prompted Leeny to take some pictures and send them to Consumerist was that each of her sticks was mailed in a box that could have fit a few dozen more. [More]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Sues Modell’s CEO For Allegedly Posing As Dick’s VP

Dick’s Sporting Goods Sues Modell’s CEO For Allegedly Posing As Dick’s VP

When you think of corporate espionage and snooping, you probably think of big manufacturers — electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaged food — trying to learn what the competition is working on. One industry that is unlikely to come to mind is retail sporting goods. [More]

Mend Your Busted Balls

That flat basketball or soccer ball that’s been sitting in your closet for the past few years won’t help you get back into shape in its current state. You always knew you’d repair it one day, and although today may not be that day you go through with it, at least it’s the one in which you find out how to do it. [More]