Mend Your Busted Balls

That flat basketball or soccer ball that’s been sitting in your closet for the past few years won’t help you get back into shape in its current state. You always knew you’d repair it one day, and although today may not be that day you go through with it, at least it’s the one in which you find out how to do it.

Livestrong takes you through the process.

First, pump up the ball, fill up the tub and dip the ball in to determine the source of the leak. Keeping an eye on the area, pull out the ball, dry it and paint the point with a marker.

Here is where things get a little wild. Turn on an oven burner, then heat the edge of an old, dull knife. Then you slide the knife around the leak to melt the vinyl, sealing the hole.

If you don’t trust yourself around fire, you can always opt for injectable ball sealant.

How to Fix a Leak in a Basketball [Livestrong]

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