Why Ship Four Hockey Sticks In One Box When You Can Use Four?

Reader Leeny placed an order from Amazon: four hockey sticks, because Amazon really does sell everything. We have to admit that hockey sticks pose a packaging challenge, but Amazon was up to the task with tall and spacious boxes. What prompted Leeny to take some pictures and send them to Consumerist was that each of her sticks was mailed in a box that could have fit a few dozen more.

Did the four sticks come from different warehouses? We checked, and learned that they came from the same facility on the same day. There goes that theory.


“I put them in one box just to see if they’d fit,” Leeny wrote. “They did, with room to spare for about 30 more.” Of course, there’s a difference between just fitting in a box and shipping safely. Is it safer to let one stick jostle around in a box with some cushioning, or to send more than one to hit each other inside the box?


We don’t know, but apparently the experts at Amazon have this sorted, and “four boxes” is their solution.

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