Sonic Confirms Payment System Attack, Offers Pointless Credit Monitoring

As we learned last week based on information from people in the banking industry, payment cards used at Sonic Drive-In locations have been linked to suspicious transactions. Sonic confirmed today that its payment systems were indeed breached in a malware attack, potentially by crooks seeking payment card numbers. [More]

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Millions Of Credit Card Numbers May Have Been Stolen In Sonic Drive-In Breach

It’s a day of the week ending in “y,” which can only mean one thing: Another national company’s payment system has been compromised. This time, it’s the Sonic Drive-In fast food chain, where potentially millions of credit card numbers may have been stolen. [More]

Why Does Sonic Drive-In Air Ads In Places Where No Sonic Exists?

Why Does Sonic Drive-In Air Ads In Places Where No Sonic Exists?

If you’ve ever been vegging on the couch and found yourself wondering why you’re watching a commercial for Sonic Drive-In — starring those two vaguely familiar actors — when there’s no Sonic restaurants nearby, you’re not alone. The chain purposely airs nationwide ads even in markets where the nearest Sonic is an hour away. [More]


Here’s Where To Get Your National Hot Dog Day Deals

’Tis the season of hot dogs: from grilling weiners at your weekend barbecue to scooping up an authentic dog at the ballpark. If you’ve been hankering for a hot dog, today might just be the day to satisfy that craving, as it’s National Hot Dog Day, which means free frankfurters are up for grabs. [More]

McDonald’s Tries To Poach Sonic Fans With New Minute Maid ‘Slushies’

McDonald’s Tries To Poach Sonic Fans With New Minute Maid ‘Slushies’

McDonald’s is coming for you Sonic, or at least that appears to be the case with the fast food giant’s latest menu addition: slushies.  [More]


Sonic Bringing “Pancake On A Stick” Back Next Spring

Is it too much for you to handle utensils in the morning? Sonic Drive-In thinks it has the answer in the form of a blast from the past: the chain is bringing back its previously popular “Pancake on a Stick” to restaurant menus this fall. [More]

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Sonic Unfazed By McDonald’s Entrance Into All-Day Breakfast Arena

While other breakfast-serving fast food restaurants are “obviously” paying attention to McDonald’s foray into the all-day breakfast market, officials with Sonic say the new competition isn’t really that big of a deal.  [More]


Loosen Your Belt, It’s Time For The 9 Most Calorie-Filled Restaurant Meals Of 2015!

While fast food gets a lot of negative attention for serving up less-than-healthy burgers, fries, chicken, and McRib meat, Whoppers and Big Macs have nothing on many of the meals you’ll get at a typical chain restaurant. Just about every item on the latest list of casual dining calorie bombs would be enough for a full day on its own. [More]

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Dear Sonic: Please Don’t Store Any More Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns Next To The Toilet

Imagine you’re at a fast food joint and you’re taking your young child to the bathroom. Of all the possible things you could find in the lavatory, one of the least-expected would probably be whole trays of buns for hamburgers and hot dogs. [More]

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70% Of Americans Want All-Day Access To Breakfast So Why Can’t It Happen?

It’s 1 p.m. as I write this and I haven’t eaten since early yesterday evening. I’m consumed with mental images of syrup-slathered waffles and piping-hot savory sausages, and the data says I’m not alone in craving breakfast in the afternoon. So why aren’t more fast food places making this a reality? [More]

Between 2009 and 2013, the sodium levels of this KFC meal actually increased by 11%, according to the CSPI survey.

While Other Restaurant Chains Cut Down On Sodium, KFC Meals Have Been Getting Saltier

With an increased concern about the role high sodium levels play in high blood pressure, kidney disease and other health issues, a number of restaurant chains have been attempting to cut back on the salt in recent years. A new review of meals from 17 of the nation’s most popular fast food and family eateries shows that most chains are slowly reducing the amounts of sodium in their food (though it’s still very high), while a small number of others have actually gone the other direction. [More]


Customer Surprised Because Sonic’s Menu Doesn’t List Chicken Strips With A Side Of Marijuana

Today seems to be the day when fast food customers end up with surprises in their food, like Cracker Jack! But not as fun/innocent: First it was a fried hand towel at KFC, and now a Sonic customer says she found a plastic baggie of marijuana in her order of chicken strips and fries. [More]


Map Shows Americans Which Major Burger Chain Is Nearest

Now that we know where all the bars are (hey, Wisconsin), where’s an American supposed to get a burger after a few beers? It’s back to the maps, with this handy illustration of which of the seven major burger chains is closest, depending on where you live. Mmm, crunching numbers. [via] [More]

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Watch Sonic Drive-Thru Employee Take Orders In Fake Indian Accent, Offend Customers

When A. made a recent visit to Sonic for some delicious smoothies, she couldn’t quite believe what she heard coming through the drive-thru speaker. The employee on duty was taking her order in an exaggerated fake Indian accent. She began recording, since no one would really believe that this had happened otherwise. No one could be that stupid and/or racist, right? [More]

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The Consumerist Quiz: Test Your Fast Food Calorie IQ

Earlier this week we told you about the most calorific appetizers, entrees, and desserts at the nation’s biggest sort-of-but-not-really Italian chain restaurants. While most of those dishes were well into 4-digit territory, most of us chow down on fast food more than we do at casual dining restaurants. [More]

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Sonic Is Really, Really Sorry About That “Scalp The Redskins/Feed Them Whiskey” Sign

Someone at a Missouri Sonic Drive-in chose to express both their support for the Kansas City Chiefs and their utter ignorance by using the restaurant’s sign to post a message that combined nearly every offensive Native American stereotype into one garbled statement. [More]

Discounts on non-existent shakes are super tasty.

Sonic Gives Me Half-Off Discount For Large Shake I Wasn’t Charged For In The First Place

Here at Consumerist we hear all kinds of troubling tales from readers trying to cash in on advertised discounts and instead, getting the runaround. That’s why we were pleased to hear that Jared had the complete opposite experience during a recent trip to Sonic, wherein he actually got more of a discount than was advertised. [More]

Serenading The Drive-Thru Attendant Will Guarantee Your Order Is Perfect & Filled With Goodwill

Try to contain your giggles while watching a guy serenade the drive-thru attendant over the microphone as he orders his food at Sonic. The squees are impossible to suppress: Armed with a guitar, a smile and the ability to improvise lyrics in response to the attendant, this guy surely got some extra love put into his order. [More]