Let’s All Move To Wisconsin, Land Of Plenty

Image courtesy of (Great Beyond)

Full disclosure: I grew up in Wisconsin (as some may have noticed due to frequent mentions of cheese and the almighty Green Bay Packers) but hear me out when I say everyone should just move there: According to a new report, Wisconsin has 2.7 times more bars than grocery stores.

Over at FlowingData.com is a handy chart culled from Google Places API based on two things: The number of bars in the United States and the number of grocery stores. Unlike earlier versions of the same kind of mapped data, this time the magnitude of bars vs. grocery stores was included on the map.

So in the map below, the greener the area, the more grocery stores there are than bars. And the browner you go on the scale, the more bars. And voila! We have Wisconsin, now known as “the beer belly of America.”

It’s worth pointing out that if you’re looking at the numbers from a per capita perspective, Wisconsin only clocks in at the third highest rate, with about eight bars per 10,000 people. North Dakota (9.9 per 10k) and Montana (8.6 per 10k) come in at first and second, respectively.

Delaware, Maryland, and Mississippi have a lot more chow and a lot less boozing going on, with under 1.5 bars per 10,000 people.

To those states and the rest of the country, Wisconsin is throwing its loving, boozy arms open to you. It’s a land of cheese and cheese, where beer flows in the streets and I won’t even make you pledge allegiance to Lambeau Field. Because that would be crossing the line, so far as Boss Meg Who Is From Chicago is concerned, at least.

Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores [FlowingData.com]

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