Serenading The Drive-Thru Attendant Will Guarantee Your Order Is Perfect & Filled With Goodwill

Try to contain your giggles while watching a guy serenade the drive-thru attendant over the microphone as he orders his food at Sonic. The squees are impossible to suppress: Armed with a guitar, a smile and the ability to improvise lyrics in response to the attendant, this guy surely got some extra love put into his order.

Posted on YouTube, user 321GGo’s “I Love Sonic” video (via Happy Place) begins with our grinning protagonist waiting for the attendant to ask what he wants. He sings his name, he sings his order, she takes it all in stride until finally breaking into some pleased giggles as he gently croons his request for cheese on his tater tots tonight, and we all feel warm and cozy inside.

And despite the distraction of being serenaded so sweetly, the attendant repeats back his order perfectly. We’re sure she’ll remember this moment the next time some yahoo screams at her for forgetting the ketchup packets.

I Love Sonic [321GGO on YouTube]

The single greatest fast-food order ever placed at a drive-thru [Happy Place]

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