NM Politician Spots New, Destroyed Sneakers In Trash At Sports Authority Store Closing Sale

Image courtesy of Nicholas Eckhart

Politicians are regular people who do mundane things like check out store-closing sales at national sporting goods retailers. A New Mexico state representative spotted shoes that had been deliberately destroyed tossed in the dumpster outside of a closing Albuquerque Sports Authority store, and was angry that good shoes had deliberately been destroyed.

Unfortunately, this happens for liability reasons or because of contracts with suppliers. When fancy bridal chain Priscilla’s of Boston shut down back in 2012, horrified observers found unsold dresses in the trash marked up with red spray paint.

The state representative, Idalia Lechuga-Tena, says that she was shopping the store closing sale when she noticed an empoloyee carrying sneakers to the trash. The items had been slashed, she reports, so even dumpster divers who found them wouldn’t be able to use or repair them.

Finding a certain brand of clothing or shoes in thrift stores cheapens it in the eyes of marketers, and it can be easier and cheaper for suppliers to simply write off unsold merchandise instead of sending someone to get it.

“There are many non-profits in New Mexico that are constantly looking for donations,” she told a local news station. “I understand they’re a big corporation but there’s need in every single community.”

There isn’t much of the former “big corporation” left, with headquarters staff laid off and the stores closing sooner than anticipated. KRQE tried to contact Sports Authority, but there was no one left handling publicity to take their call.

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