Crocs + Escalator = Yet Another Mangled Foot

Another small child’s foot has been mangled by the combination of the especially-grippy Crocs clogs and a moving escalator, according to WSBTV:

“There’s no reason this should have happened to my daughter,” said Alison Pregliasco, Lexi’s mother. “She was holding onto the rail…I heard her screaming and tried to pull her foot out and it wouldn’t come out and the escalator just kept going down. And, I just started screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘Somebody stop this thing, somebody stop this thing. We have to make it stop.'”

Pregliasco said it took 15 minutes to get her daughter’s right foot out of the escalator. EMTs took the child to the hospital, where doctors put pins in her foot and performed surgery to clean bones and remove contaminated skin.

“Three broken toes, two pretty severely broken, the other is just a hairline fracture,” said Pregliasco. “The toe was severed down to the bone and they called it a ‘dirty wound’ because they had escalator grease in there.”

Crocs is currently being sued over a similar incident. The company responded to that lawsuit by saying that they “take escalator safety seriously.”

The CPSC recently issued a warning about “some shoes” causing more risk of entrapment on escalators than others, but were careful not to specify which brand of shoes they were talking about.

CPSC is aware of 77 entrapment incidents since January 2006, with about half resulting in injury. All but two of the incidents involved popular soft-sided flexible clogs and slides.

Girl, 3, Injured On Airport Escalator
[WSBTV](Thanks, Ryan!)

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