Ryanair Getting Into The Hotel Business?

Image courtesy of Juan Rodriguez - PMI/LEPA

Could Ryanair be the Amazon of air travel? If the company’s executives have their say, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The cheapo European airline is taking steps to reach that goal with plans to launch an accommodation service for the destinations it flies in and out of. 

The airline revealed plans on Friday to launch the service, dubbed “Ryanair Rooms,” which will include a variety of accommodations, on Oct. 1, the Telegraph reports.

Travelers looking for low-cost lodging will be able to book through Ryanair.com, which already offers the option to reserve cars, airport transfers, and travel insurance.

“We’re going to transform booking accommodation,” Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer tells the Telegraph. “More and more customers are looking to Ryanair for products other than flights, and we see this as a natural progression towards Ryanair.com becoming the Amazon of air travel.”

The company will also reportedly create special “Ryanair Holidays” packages, an all-inclusive low-cost bundle that will include lodging, vehicle rental, and tours and other things customers can do at their destinations.

Joining the lodging fray isn’t exactly new to Ryanair, as the company already offers some options through Booking.com. However, the Telegraph reports that the partnership will end on Sept. 30.

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