Nordstrom’s $85 “Leather Wrapped Stone” Makes Us Wonder: Can You Tell Real Gifts From Fakes?

Nordstrom’s $85 “Leather Wrapped Stone” Makes Us Wonder: Can You Tell Real Gifts From Fakes?

Nordstrom is — perhaps intentionally — making headlines this holiday shopping season for its inexplicable offering of a “Medium Leather Wrapped Stone” in “Natural” for the low, low price of $85 — with free shipping, obviously. It screams of hoax, but is apparently the real deal, leading us to wonder if folks can tell the difference between bizarre gift ideas and things we just conjured up. [More]


Between the World Series, the election, the start of the NBA season, finishing up your Halloween costume, that one friend’s improv show that you somehow got wrangled into attending, the impending Daylight Savings shift, and that spot on your knee that you’re sure wasn’t there a week ago — you’ve got a lot going on. But have all those distractions kept you from retaining the things you read in the last few days? [More]

Devlon Duthie

There’s a lot of important stuff going on in the news right now — the baseball playoffs, the split-up of Brad and Angelina, the pedestrianization of Norwich City Centre… and probably something else that’s obvious but slipped our mind. We can’t possibly cover it all, but we can quiz you on the things we do cover. [More]


After a week off caused by a brief, unexplained work stoppage by the 743-person team that otherwise toils day and night to craft this weekly test of readers’ recall abilities, the Consumerist Quiz is back to put your brain cells through the wringer (not literally, because that would be messy and probably illegal). [More]

Chris Goldberg

That Sounds Offal! How Much Do You Know About Your Organ & “Variety” Meats?

Offal — the edible organs and other trimmings from a livestock animal — gets a bad rap, mostly because of the initial ick-factor associated with the idea of chowing down on a brain, testicle, ear, or tail. The “offal” name certainly hasn’t helped. Yet for folks around the world, these “variety meats” are everyday fare. [More]


Remember only a few weeks ago, when many of us were complaining about the heat, pining for the start of the new fall TV season, and boasting about how the Browns finally had a franchise quarterback in RGIII? Yeah, neither do we. What we can recall is what happened this week. Can you? [More]

Chris Blakeley

O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stain’d with the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit beneath my shady roof; there thou may’st rest, and tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe, and all the daughters of the year shall take the Consumerist Quiz!

Do You Remember What Happened This Week? Take The Consumerist Quiz To Find Out

Do You Remember What Happened This Week? Take The Consumerist Quiz To Find Out

The first full week after the end of summer and we’re already packing away the cargo shorts, swimsuits, squirt guns, and our dreams of ever recapturing the joy of youth (Is that just me? Sorry). While we may not all be able to vividly recall a time when we were guileless babes, quietly pondering the future while looking up through the tall grasses, we should all be able to remember the things that have happened since Monday morning, right? [More]

Tyler Crea

The kids are back at school. You don’t have any vacation days left until next calendar year. Existence is an abysmal chasm from which nothing escapes, the self is a meaningless fictional construct, and the Panthers lost last night. But you can still take the Consumerist Quiz! [More]


To quote James Douglas Morrison, “summer’s almost gone,” though not really, depending on how you define the term summer. For fans of all things equinox-based, there are three weeks to go. For many school kids and college students, summer has been dead for days. For Consumerist readers south of the Equator, it’s months away from even beginning. So what the heck was Jim Morrison on about? Lizard King, my butt. [More]

Can You Tell Your Exotic Foods From Your Science Fiction Characters?

If someone says “Would you like a strawberry?” you know exactly what they’re talking about. But what if someone asked for your opinion on Dulse: Would you understand that they were referencing an edible form of red algae, or maybe they’re talking about a character from Babylon 5? [More]

Jim Fischer

Maybe the rest of the world thinks you’re smart — always coming to you for help setting the clock on their VCR or for recommendations on which wine cooler they should pair with their rice cakes — but inside you harbor doubts. “I can’t possibly know everything” you tell yourself while helpfully directing a stranger toward the nearest Fashion Cafe. “If only there was a way for me to think back over the past few days to see if I do indeed have perfect recall — wait, am I not wearing shoes??[More]

Erin Turowski

Have You Been Paying Attention? Take The Consumerist Quiz To Find Out

This summer and its Olympic games might feel like they will never end, but this week certainly will. That can mean only one thing… Actually, it means an awful lot more than one thing, but there’s just one item that we currently care about: Testing your memory to see how well you’ve been paying attention. [More]

Take A Break From Watching The Olympics On Work Time… It’s The Consumerist Quiz!

Take A Break From Watching The Olympics On Work Time… It’s The Consumerist Quiz!

It’s not your fault that the folks in Rio scheduled handball in the middle of the workday. We understand that you won’t be denied your chance to watch Durdina Jaukovic and her teammates from Montenegro go up against the favored Norwegians, led by Emilie Hegh Arntzen. Don’t worry — we’re not asking you to do your job. Just take a few minutes to see if you can recall anything else from this week other than that sweet 25-25 draw between Tunisia and Qatar. [More]

How Well Do You Know The Companies That Own Other Companies?

How Well Do You Know The Companies That Own Other Companies?

Alphabet owns Google, and Facebook owns Instagram, Yum Brands owns KFC… and they all meet meet tri-annually at a secret country mansion in Colorado known as “The Meadows” with the Queen, the Vatican, The Gettys, the Rothschilds, and — of course — Col. Sanders. Take our quiz to find out how well you know the other huge company-owning companies that have yet to be initiated into the Pentaverate. [More]

Andy Jones

Strap On Your Brain Belt: It’s Time For The Consumerist Quiz!

We write stories. You read them. It’s a purely transactional arrangement; no strings attached. Question is: How well do you remember what you’ve read? Take the Consumerist Quiz and find out. [More]

Adam Fagen

How Well Do You Know Your Federal Bureaucrats? Take Our Quiz To Find Out

The federal government is an alphabet soup of bureaus, departments, commissions, agencies, administrations that report to various directors, chairs, commissioners, administrators, and cabinet members. It’s difficult enough for folks inside the Beltway to keep track of them all, so how much do the rest of us know about the people in all those huge concrete buildings? [More]

Jason Cook

We know that a lot of you only worked a few days this week, so we’re giving you a break with this installment of the Consumerist Quiz — now with 47% less quizziness!