Nordstrom’s $85 “Leather Wrapped Stone” Makes Us Wonder: Can You Tell Real Gifts From Fakes?

Nordstrom is — perhaps intentionally — making headlines this holiday shopping season for its inexplicable offering of a “Medium Leather Wrapped Stone” in “Natural” for the low, low price of $85 — with free shipping, obviously. It screams of hoax, but is apparently the real deal, leading us to wonder if folks can tell the difference between bizarre gift ideas and things we just conjured up.

Regarding the Nordstrom rock, not even the store seems to know what to do with it.

“A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It’s up to you, but this smooth Los Angeles-area stone—wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather secured by sturdy contrast whipstitching—is sure to draw attention wherever it rests,” the product’s description reads. Yes it surely will, especially if your friends find out how much you paid for it.

We’re sure some folks thought an $85 rock could only be a joke. How well can you tell the real, outrageously priced items from the fake? Take our quiz below:

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