Were You Paying Attention This Week? Take The Consumerist Quiz To Find Out

Image courtesy of bluwmongoose

Remember only a few weeks ago, when many of us were complaining about the heat, pining for the start of the new fall TV season, and boasting about how the Browns finally had a franchise quarterback in RGIII? Yeah, neither do we. What we can recall is what happened this week. Can you?

If you hadn’t caught on yet, it’s time for the Consumerist Quiz, where you pretend that you’ve read a bunch of news stories this week while hoping to guess the correct answer from context clues and process of elimination.

Last week, you collectively squeaked by with a median score of 60%. We’ll take that as an indicator that you’re honest enough to refrain from cheating by going back to look at stories while you take the quiz.

That was last week. This is now, and this is the season of the quiz.

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