Relive The Summer Of 2016 With The Consumerist Mega-Quiz!

Image courtesy of Sypdamans

To quote James Douglas Morrison, “summer’s almost gone,” though not really, depending on how you define the term summer. For fans of all things equinox-based, there are three weeks to go. For many school kids and college students, summer has been dead for days. For Consumerist readers south of the Equator, it’s months away from even beginning. So what the heck was Jim Morrison on about? Lizard King, my butt.

Anyway, it’s a three-day weekend for most people, but folks still go online, because what else are you going to do? So here’s something fun to do… though again, “fun” is a very relative term. Making this quiz was fun for us, but we can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy it. At the same time, you might enjoy it more than we did. Only way to tell is to take the darn thing already.

In honor of the extended weekend and the sorta-end of summer, we present a 25-question “mega-quiz” (we’d trademark that, but people have probably beaten us to it, which is a stupid idea because it’s incredibly corny).



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