Have You Paid Attention This Week? Take The Consumerist Quiz To Find Out

Image courtesy of Jim Fischer

Maybe the rest of the world thinks you’re smart — always coming to you for help setting the clock on their VCR or for recommendations on which wine cooler they should pair with their rice cakes — but inside you harbor doubts. “I can’t possibly know everything” you tell yourself while helpfully directing a stranger toward the nearest Fashion Cafe. “If only there was a way for me to think back over the past few days to see if I do indeed have perfect recall — wait, am I not wearing shoes??

Putting aside your shoe-less feet for the moment (we’re all friends here; no shame in showing those toes), it’s time once again for the Consumerist Quiz, where we ask you questions about stories featured on the site since you strolled into work early on Monday.

Last week, most of you were in dire need of a refresher course, with a median score of 60%. Good thing we don’t make you get your report card signed by your parents — though we guess at least some of you would try to Photoshop that “60” into an “80”. Ungrateful punks.

Enough jabber. This is time on Funsumerist where we quiz!

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