Former Brink’s Worker Accused Of Stealing $200,000 In Quarters

When you think of the company Brink’s, you probably imagine their employees protecting money from bank robbers, bad guys, and other ne’er-do-wells. But according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one former Brink’s Company employee is on the other side of the equation, after allegedly stealing almost $200,000 worth of quarters while on the job. [More]

(Mark Turnauckas)

Former Town Official Gets Five Years’ Probation For Stealing $460K In Quarters

An ex-inspector for a New Jersey town who pleaded guilty to stealing $460,000 in quarters — yes, that’s 1.8 million coins — from the city’s parking meters has been sentenced to five years’ probation. The inspector apologized, and will have to pay back almost half of what he stole. [More]


Man Does A Deep Dive Into Sofa Cushions, Pays $150K Court-Ordered Fee All In Quarters

When it’s time to pay The Man, any legit currency will do. Heck, why not rustle up all the change you’ve got in your couch cushions? One man in Southern Illinois used a truckful of quarters to pay off a court order, but considering the fact that it totaled $150,000, we’re gonna guess he had to do a lot of couch diving. [More]


Trading That Old Quarter For An Ice Cream Cone May Not Be Such A Good Idea

You see this sign offering ice cream cones for only a quarter and it sounds like a pretty flippin’ awesome deal. But then you notice that the store is only looking for quarters from 1964 or earlier, and if you have one of those lying around, you might want to consider just how much you value ice cream. [More]

DirecTV Installer Tips Himself By Stealing Your Roll Of Quarters And Gun

DirecTV Installer Tips Himself By Stealing Your Roll Of Quarters And Gun

Reader Angel writes that a DirecTV installer in Oklahoma added a cable to her house, and subtracted $10 in quarters and a nine millimeter.

Michael's: "It's Store Policy Not To Accept Change"

Michael's: "It's Store Policy Not To Accept Change"

Hayden wanted to buy a $4 wood plaque for his mother as part of a last-minute birthday gift, but Michael’s wouldn’t accept 16 quarters as payment. “It’s store policy not to accept change,” a cashier explained, forcing an embarrassed Hayden to borrow a few bucks from his younger sister.

HOWTO: Win on A Claw Machine

HOWTO: Win on A Claw Machine

I’m actually really good at those claw machines you find in movie theater lobbies and arcades. A life of twitch reflexes and joystick clutching has made me extremely beloved by small children: I’ll just walk into an arcade with a pocketful of jangling quarters when I’m depressed, start playing the claw machine, and give out the toys to the bratty kids who greedily surround me.