Man Does A Deep Dive Into Sofa Cushions, Pays $150K Court-Ordered Fee All In Quarters

When it’s time to pay The Man, any legit currency will do. Heck, why not rustle up all the change you’ve got in your couch cushions? One man in Southern Illinois used a truckful of quarters to pay off a court order, but considering the fact that it totaled $150,000, we’re gonna guess he had to do a lot of couch diving. says he rolled up to two law offices with the coin payment as part of a protest over a ruling in a wrongful death case.

The man’s son died in a car accident in 2001, after a truck struck the vehicle he was in at an intersection. His family and the families of the other three people have been fighting about how the insurance money should be distributed.

So why did he pay the fee with bags weighing 50 pounds each, carrying $1,000 worth of quarters?

“Because I couldn’t do it in pennies,” he explained. It’s part of the amount an appellate court ordered him to pay in his son’s wrongful death case.

Because his son was killed in the accident, a judge had originally ruled the man should get most of the $800,000 in insurance money. But the other victims appealed and won, prompting the court to order him to refund his share and give more to the other victims.

“They can have all the money in the world and I’d take my son back,” he said.

Thousands of Quarters Used to Pay Court Order []

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