Watch A Guy Clean And Peel A Bunch Of Potatoes With A Power Tool And A Bucket Of Water

Are there a million and one ways out there to do every household task anyone’s ever had to do? Yes. Are they all methods we would personally advise using? Maybe not so much. But that’s a decision you need to make for yourself when presented with the evidence of say, cleaning and peeling a bunch of potatoes using a jerry-rigged power tool, a bucket and some water.

The Internet in its infinite iterations of How To’s recently coughed up this YouTube demonstration on how to prep your potatoes for cooking with a bit of a terrifying method: The guy basically has a bristled brush (hopefully not the same one he uses to scrub out the toilet, notes, a bucket, and a sprinkler hose.

Put all those together — the water providing some lubrication for the power tool to do its rapid brushing — and out come peeled potatoes and a bunch of potatoey water.

This process looks like it could be a little rough on potatoes and perhaps take more than a few chunks out of’em, but again, we’re not here to tell you what to do with potatoes, just to let you know what methods others out there are inflicting on them.

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